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Environmental Science Program

The Environmental Science Program at Southern Methodist University is an interdisciplinary program with a technical core of biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics and physics. Students choose an upper-level emphasis in either biology, chemistry or earth science, culminating in their senior year with a multi-disciplinary Environmental Science Seminar focusing on real-world issues and problems.

The Environmental Science Program develops the scientific literacy, technical skills and creative problem-solving techniques necessary to understand and deal with environmental processes and issues.

Some majors are undertaking projects in the Engaged Learning Program to put their environmental knowledge to work in field settings around Dallas. These include:

Jewel Lipps, SMU ‘15, who is surveying forest composition to identify and characterize riparian forest communities within the Great Trinity Forest at the Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC) and from this data will determine their successional stages. (Major: ENVSCI, CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Bonnie Jacobs)

Hadley McPherson, SMU ‘15, who is placing motion-activated cameras in the Trinity River Forest in order to photograph wild mammals and promote conservation, will obtain valuable ecological data to be used to calculate population sizes and identify individual animals. (Major: BIOL, ENVSCI; Mentor: Dr. Louis Jacobs)

Environmental science provides a good undergraduate science degree for students who are interested in careers in medicine, law, public policy, enforcement, site remediation, or conservation biology.

Neil Tabor
Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Director of Environmental Science/Studies Program

Phone 214-768-4175
Email ntabor@smu.edu