Biochemistry Program

The B.S. in Biochemistry

This program has a core of required courses and two options for choosing additional upper-division courses. Option 1 is designed to meet the certification guidelines of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for professional training in biochemistry.  Option 2 provides a more traditional curriculum for a biochemistry major.  Students planning to attend graduate school are advised to take in addition at least 3 credits of Undergraduate Research (CHEM 4397, BIOL 3398, or BIOL 4398). A biochemistry major can graduate "with departmental distinction" by successfully completing a special program of study that includes independent reading and research culminating in a senior thesis. Students obtaining a B.S. degree in biochemistry may not also obtain a minor or major in chemistry or biology.

 CORE COURSES (57 credits)
   Chemistry (25 credits):
     CHEM 1303,1304 (or 1307H, 1308H); 1113, 1114 General Chemistry
     CHEM 3371, 3372 (or 3373H, 3374H); 3117, 3118 Organic Chemistry
     CHEM 3351 Quantitative Analysis
     CHEM 5383, 5384 Physical Chemistry
   Biological Sciences (11 credits):
     BIOL 1401, 1402 Introductory BiologyBIOL 3304 Genetics
   Biochemistry (4 credits):
     BIOL/CHEM 5310 Biological Chemistry: Macromolecular Structure and Function
     BIOL/CHEM 5110 Biological Chemistry: Laboratory
   Mathematics (9 credits):
     MATH 1337, 1338, 2339 Calculus
   Physics (8 credits):
     PHYS 1303 or 1307, 1304 or 1308, 1105, 1106 General Physics
 ADDITIONAL COURSES (choose either Option 1 or Option 2)
   Option 1 (11 credits)
   (satisfying the ACS guidelines for professional certification in biochemistry)
 Required (8 credits):
     CHEM 5392 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
     CHEM 5192 Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory
     CHEM 5185 Laboratory Methods in Physical Chemistry
     CHEM 4397 Undergraduate Research
   Electives (choose 3 credits):
     BIOL/CHEM 5311 Biological Chemistry: Metabolism
     BIOL/CHEM 5312 Physical Biochemistry Option 2 (9 credits)
   Option 2 (9 credits)
   Required (6 credits):
     BIOL 3350 Cell Biology
     BIOL/CHEM 5311 Biological Chemistry: Metabolism
   Elective (choose 3 credits):
     BIOL/CHEM 5312 Physical Biochemistry
     BIOL 5304 Molecular Biology

For more information, contact:

Professor Steven Vik, Director of the Biochemistry Degree Program
(214) 768-4228, e-mail: svik@smu.edu