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  • November 12, 2012

    North Texas Food Bank Funds SMU Hunger Study

    In a partnership with The Hunger Center of North Texas, SMU researchers will help to analyze how the lack of social networks and/or social isolation contribute to the problem of hunger in North Texas. Read more...

  • May 27, 2012

    Drowning in Data, our Business Sector Faces a Serious Talent Crisis

    Where are the professionals who can combine the creative, analytic, technology and communication skills desperately needed by agencies and brands alike? We need these professionals by the thousands, and they are not there. Read more...

Recent Past Research

January 31, 2014


Excellence in Data Mining at SMU: Two 2013 National Prize Winning Teams

This last fall SMU fielded two national prize winning data mining teams: One team finished with a silver medal in the 2013 SAS Data Mining Shootout Competition; the second team finished in the top five in the nation in the 2013 Capital One Data Modeling Competition. Learn more...

July 16, 2013


Mosquito indexing system identifies best time to act against potential West Nile Virus outbreaks

Researchers at the Richard B. Johnson Center have identified important precursors of West Nile Virus outbreaks that allow for early and effective intervention. Read more...

May 30, 2013


IBM SMART Project with the Exterran Corporation

SMU graduate students Levi Bagwell and William Ruez, in conjunction with IBM and the Exterran Corporation, develop evaluation programs to analyze work order histories and efficient labor force deployment. Learn more...

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The Richard B. Johnson Center sponsors SAS certification programs for economics graduate students. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Seminars

(Upcoming economics talks open to the general public. Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held from 2:00-3:30 in Umphrey Lee, Rm 303)

Speaker: Aditya Geonka (NUS)
Description: Infectious Diseases, Human Capital and Economic Growth
Speaker: Eren Arbatli (National Research University, Higher School of Economics Moskow)
Description: Manipulation of Voters in Competitive Election Campaigns
Speaker: Heski Bar-Isaac (U of Toronto, Business School)
Speaker: Scott Baier (Clemson)
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Recent Commentary


Thomas B. Fomby, Ph.D.

When We Say Predictive Analytics, What Do We Mean? PowerPoint slides from a presentation given to the Dallas TechExecs Network at the IBM Innovation Center in Coppell, Texas.

Li Gan, Ph.D.

Income Inequality and Economic Transition in China. PowerPoint slides from a presentation given to the DFW Association for Business Economics in the Meadows Museum at SMU.