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April 15, 2015


Knut Haase & Matthes Koch Research Seminar

Professor Knut Haase and Matthes Koch, of Hamburg University, visit SMU to present their 2015 INFORMS Franz Edelman Prize-nominated paper entitled, "A Pilgrim Scheduling Approach to Increase Public Safety during the Hajj." Learn more...

Recent Activity at the Center

  • Desmet Consequences of Diversity_212x150
    March 20, 2015


    DABE/RBJ Center Luncheon
    "On the Economic Consequences of Diversity"

    Dr. Klaus Desmet will discuss his research related to the impact of linguistic diversity on growth and public goods provision across countries, as well as how deep linguistic cleavages, originating thousands of years ago, make for excellent predictors of civil conflict and redistribution. Learn more...

  • TCE_2015_212x150
    February 20-21, 2015


    2015 Texas Camp Econometrics

    The Texas Camp Econometrics is an annual gathering of econometricians from five universities: SMU, Rice, University of Houston, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas. The goals of the camp are to discuss issues in econometrics, and to help students develop their technical presentation skills by encouraging students to participate in the meetings. Learn more...

  • Stata_Empirical_Micro_IV_212x150
    November 7-8, 2014


    The Stata TX Empirical Microeconomics Conference

    The Stata Texas Empirical Microeconomics Conference is an annual gathering of empirical microeconomists from the (great) state of Texas. The primary goal of the conference is to bring together empirical economists of the host institutions to discuss current research in all areas of empirical microeconomics. Learn more...

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Recent Multimedia

  • Multimedia

    The 14th Advances in Econometrics Conference, 2013

    After dinner Saturday evening at the 14th Advances in Econometrics Conference, held in honor of Peter C.B. Phillips, Phillips addresses his friends and colleagues, and Thomas B. Fomby presents Phillips with a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the econometrics discipline. Learn More...

  • Multimedia

    China Household Finance Survey - CHFS on the Road, 2013

    Professor Li Gan and his team of surveyors travel through China obtaining data for the China Household Finance Survey. Professor Gan spoke about the survey at the Richard B. Johnson Center / DFW Association for Business Economics gathering held at SMU on November 8, 2013. Learn More...

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Upcoming Seminars

(Upcoming economics talks open to the general public. Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held from 2:00-3:30 in Umphrey Lee, Rm 303)

Seminar schedule to start again in the spring. Check back for seminar dates/times.

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Recent Commentary


Thomas B. Fomby, Ph.D.

Big Data and Patient Care: Health Care Economics The economics of health care is changing as Big Data methodologies are contributing to innovation, increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness within the health-care sector.

Li Gan, Ph.D.

Income Inequality and Economic Transition in China. PowerPoint slides from a presentation given to the DFW Association for Business Economics in the Meadows Museum at SMU.