Embrey Human Rights Program

Human Rights Travel Opportunities

The Embrey Human Rights Program is different from many other academic programs in its dedication to learning through real-world experience and observation. Students as well as staff, faculty, and members of the community are encouraged to participate in several trips that provide stark reminders of the importance of human rights.

Travel to Israel in August 2014

Step outside the walls of your classrooms to take a journey that will inpire and challenge you.  Be a traveler, not a tourist.  Students, faculty, staff, and community members are always invited to take advantage of the travel opportunities offered through the Embrey Human Rights Program.

Join the Embrey Human Rights Program trip to Israel  - August 4-15, 2014

For itinerary and application form, contact saikman@smu.edu.

Holocaust Sites in Poland

An annual two-week Holocaust trip to Poland is a cornerstone of the program. Rick Halperin, who has visited sites in Poland regularly since 1983, began leading SMU students, faculty, staff and community members there in 1996. During each journey, as many as two dozen participants visit concentration camps, death camps and memorials throughout the country, where, during World War II, more than one-third of all Holocaust victims were murdered during the Nazi occupation. 

The trip to Poland in early winter is by design--to gain a visceral understanding of what Holocaust victims and survivors experienced while appreciating the significance of one's own family and loved ones during the holiday season.

The Poland trip takes place every year from December 18-30th.

Learn more about the Poland trip

Apply for the Embrey Human Rights Poland trip

If you have additional questions, email saikman@smu.edu or call 214-768-8347.

From Poland to Points Beyond

Other experiential trips have included Rwanda, El Salvador, Germany, Latvia/Lithuania, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Guatemala and China.

Future destinations will include Hungary (January 2015), Vietnam/Cambodia (March 2015), Native America (June 2015), Turkey/Armenia (August 2015).  In 2016, travel will include Belarus, Austria/Czech Republic, U.S. Death Rows across the South, and Rwanda.  In 2017, Italy, Germany, Japanese Internment Sites in the U.S. and Canada, and Argentina.

Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Human Rights majors participate in service learning by taking part in SMU's spring civil rights pilgrimage across the Deep South. Other domestic travel opportunities help students explore issues related to topics such as immigration, indigenous peoples and the death penalty.

Learn more about the Civil Rights Pilgrimage