Embrey Human Rights Program

Local Human Rights Agencies

The Embrey Human Rights Program encourages any students, staff, faculty, and members of the community who are interested in human rights community service and wish to benefit the lives of others to look into the following local institutions.

Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc.

9850 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 228
Dallas, Texas 75238

Mike Auman
Resettlement/Job Placement
(214) 553-9909

Center for the Survivors of Torture

4123 Junius
Dallas, Texas 75246

Rena Taylor
(214) 827-2314

Dallas Holocaust Museum

211 North Record Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas

Kathy Chapman
Director of Education
(214) 741-7500 ext. 104

International Rescue Committee

7515 Greenville Avenue, Suite 603
Dallas, Texas 75231

Mellisand LeRoy
Resource Officer & Volunteer Program
(214) 461-9781 ext. 33

Mosaic Family Services

4144 N. Central Expwy. #530
Dallas, Texas 75204

(214) 821-5393


PO Box 1473
Bedford, Texas 76095

Bette Buschow

Volunteer Center of North Texas

2800 Live Oak Street
Dallas, Texas 75204

Millicent Boykin
Director of Student Programs
(214) 818-9846

Youth First Texas

5415 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75235

(214) 879-0400