Beginning Language Courses 

1401, 1402. Beginning Russian I/II. Introductory Russian meets daily and gives a basic overview of all structures of the language, providing rudimentary competence in Russian. This course will take students through all aspects of beginning Russian study, including the language, life and culture of today’s Russian people. The curriculum used targets all four skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Intermediate Language Courses 

2341, 2351. Intermediate Russian I/II. Russian language work beyond the first-year level is done in multilevel workshops, organized by target skills, each including students with varying levels of experience and background with the Russian language. Small classes permit an individualized approach, so that students completing varying assignments work together in the same classroom. Progress to higher levels will be measured by proficiency tests. The reading/conversation workshop targets skills of oral and textural comprehension and active conversational skill. Prerequisite: C- or better in RUSS 1402 or permission of area chair. 

3302. Practicum in Russian Conversation and Phonetics (summer)

3304. Russian Grammar Practicum (summer)

3323. Practicum in Russian Culture (summer)

Advanced Language Courses 

3341, 3351. Advanced Russian I/II.

3361, 3362. Comparative Grammar of Russian and English. For students who are fully bilingual in Russian and English, these courses provide a practical analysis of the similarities and differences between the two languages. Special problems of native speakers of Russian speaking English. Translation in both directions. Weekly compositions and translations, essay exams. Prerequisite (3361): 16 hours of Russian by examination. Prerequisite (3362): RUSS 3361 or permission of area chair.

4380, 4381. Directed Studies.

Culture and Literature Courses in English

WL 3323 Russian Culture