Teaching and Technology Center

World Languages and Literatures

Student Employees


Aaron Lu

Aaron Lu started working for the Tech Center in the fall of 2019. He is a freshman and plans to major in finance. He can speak four languages (from most fluent to least fluent): English, Spanish, Chinese, and the Wuxi dialect.


Cinthia Resendiz

Cinthia Resendiz is a junior from Dallas, Texas and joined the Tech Center Spring 2019. She is double majoring in Accounting and Spanish. She also currently serves as Vice President of College Hispanic American Students. 


Ben DeLeon

Ben DeLeon is a senior from El Paso, TX who began working in the Tech Center in Fall 2016. He studies Civil Engineering and also speaks Spanish. He hopes to one day be able to study abroad. 


Julissa Negrete

Julissa Negrete joined the Tech Center in Fall 2017. She is a junior majoring in Accounting with minors in Spanish and French and studied abroad with SMU-in-France.

Jasmyne Beedle

Jasmyne is a sophomore majoring in art and possibly minoring in creative computing. She plans to study abroad in France.

Margaret Graham

Margaret Graham joined the Tech Center in Spring of 2016. She graduated from SMU in May 2019 with degrees in Management Science, Mathematics, and a minor in Spanish (she studied abroad in Seville). Currently, she is working towards her Masters in Operations Research. 


Joe Panuska

Joe was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, although he's lived in Dallas long enough to consider it his home. He received his Associate of Science from El Centro College in Spring of 2019, and is now a Junior majoring in Anthropology. Outside of school he enjoys playing and podcasting about Magic: the Gathering, going to concerts, and watching pro wrestling.