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World Languages Online

The Department of World Languages and Literatures offers Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Latin courses in a fully online format. Our courses were developed over the course of 9-12 months with the training, support, and evaluation of a World Languages & Literatures Online Advisory Committee, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and Academic Technology Services (ATS). 

About online course development: In order to be certified to teach online in Dedman College, faculty obtained approval from their Area Chair, submitted a formal Recommendation to Teach Online, and completed a two-part training series.* In order to propose and develop a new online course, faculty followed the above steps, in addition to submitting a Proposal to Develop an Online Course. The entire training series was completed prior to beginning their development project, during which they followed the Dedman College Guidelines for Online Course Development and included the required World Languages and Literatures Online Course Components. To be added to the Catalog and/or Schedule of Classes, all courses underwent an Unofficial Quality Matters Review, and developers completed an Online Course Readiness Form. For more information, see the Procedures and Policies for Online Teaching in World Languages and Literatures

* No new faculty online training courses will be offered as of the Fall 2019 semester. Faculty interested in being notified of future opportunities to participate in training courses should consult the CTE