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Liljana Elverskog

Senior Lecturer of Arabic
Arabic Area Chair
Area Advisor

Ph.D., Indiana University
Clements 417


Dr. Liljana Elverskog, Senior Lecturer in Arabic, has taught Modern Standard Arabic in the United States at all levels for more than twenty years. She has taught Arabic at the University of Texas at Austin, Indiana University, the Middlebury College Summer Language Program, the University of California, Santa Barbara, Brown University, and the University of North Texas. She received her Ph.D. from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University in May of 1999. Her dissertation, "Verb Morphology in Educated Spoken Arabic," is a sociolinguistic study of verbal conjugation in this form of spoken Arabic and its implications for the teaching of Arabic. She received her MA from the Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language in the field of Teaching Arabic as a Second Language, and her BA from the University of Sarajevo.

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