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Susana Fernandez Solera Adoboe

Senior Lecturer of Spanish

Ph.D., Universidad Complutense (Madrid)
Clements 423


Susana Fernández Solera Adoboe was born in Madrid, Spain. She studied Psychology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid where she earned her doctorate in Psycholinguistics. 

She performed research on syntactic processing and the processes of language comprehension, on a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education, (“Programa para la Formación del Personal Investigador”). She worked on multidisciplinary teams in the Cognitive Science Center, University of Edinburgh, and department of Psychology and department of Portuguese and Spanish at the University of Massachusetts. 

She began teaching at the University of Massachusetts, in 2000.  During that tenure she also taught Grammar and Beginning Spanish at Amherst College. In 2006 she joined the staff at the foreign languages and literatures department at SMU where she teaches the following courses: 

Conversation and Composition in Peninsular Spanish
Cultural Dialogues: Spain
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Intermediate Spanish
Beginning Spanish

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Processing, Syntactic Processing, Parsing, Heritage Students, Program Development, Language Assessment

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