Laura Buckley

World Languages and Literatures

Laura Buckley

Laura Buckley

Name: Laura Buckley
Majors: Anthropology, Spanish, World Languages (Primary: French, Secondary: Arabic)
Graduation Year: 2016

“After graduation, I joined the Teach for America Corps in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region and I am currently teaching third grade literacy in a dual language classroom.”

Why did you choose to major/minor in a World Language?

I chose to major in World Languages because my language classes allowed me to study not just a foreign language, but also different cultures, histories, political systems, and ideologies. These classes helped to expand my worldview, which was further broadened as I had the opportunity to study abroad multiple times; I studied in Spain, France and Morocco during my time at SMU, all while earning credit toward my degree.

How do you think studying a foreign language helped to prepare you for your career?

After I graduated from SMU, I joined the Teach for America corps in the Dallas/Fort Word region. I teach in a dual language classroom, so I teach in both English and Spanish. Most of my students are native Spanish-speakers, and most of their parents speak very little English, if any at all. I use Spanish every day to communicate with students, their parents, other teachers, and administration at school.

What advice do you have for other students thinking about majoring or minoring in a foreign language?

Take advantage of all of SMU's study abroad opportunities! Going abroad and fully immersing yourself in a different culture and way of life is the best way to practice and learn a foreign language.