Undergraduate BS Degree Requirements (2013-14; 2014-15)

Required Classes (24 hours)

MATH 1337, 1338, 2339:  Calculus I, II and III
STAT 5304:  Introduction to SAS 
STAT 5371, 5372:  Experimental Statistics
STAT 5373, 5374:  Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 

Electives  (18 hours)

Advanced Statistics electives (at least 9 hours)

STAT 3312:  Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 4385:  Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics
STAT (ECO) 5350:  Introductory Econometrics
STAT 5370: Survey Sampling
STAT(ECO) 5375:  Economic and Business Forecasting
STAT(EMIS) 5377:  Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 5380 (ECO 5385):  Predictive Analystics/Data Mining

Other electives:

Economics:  any 4000-level or higher class
EMIS 3360: Operations Research
EMIS 5300:  Systems Analysis Methods
EMIS 5301: Systems Engineering ProcesS
EMIS 5303: Integrated Risk Analysis
EMIS 5305: Systems Reliability, Supportability and Availability Analysis
EMIS 5307: Systems Integration/Test
EMIS 5330: Systems Reliability Engineering
EMIS 5335: Human-Systems Integration
EMIS 5357: Decision-Support System
EMIS 5361: Computer Simulation Techniques
EMIS 5369: Reliability Engineering
EMIS 5364/STAT 5344:  Statistical Quality ControL
EMIS 5369:  Reliability EngineerinG
Mathematics:  MATH 2343:  Elementary Differential Equations
                     MATH 4335: Mathematical Biology
                     MATH 4338:  Analysis
                     Any 3000-level class or 5000-level class in mathematics
MKTG 3342:  Marketing Research

At most one from:
STAT 1301: Introduction to Statistics
STAT 2301:  Statistics for Modern Business Statistics
STAT 2331:  Introduction to Statistical Methods
STAT 4340/EMIS 3340/CSE 4340: Statistical Methods for Engineers and Applied Scientists
ITOM 2305:  Managerial Statistics

Other approved courses

Total:  42 hours