Undergraduate BS Degree Requirements 2017-2018

Notice to all students declaring a STAT major on or after 8/21/2017 who are considering the MASDA degree. Due to SACS regulations, only 12 hours of 5xxx and/or 6xxx coursework taken as an undergraduate may be counted towards the MASDA degree.

Furthermore these 12 hours must be taken in one's final year of undergraduate study (the twelve months prior to graduation).

Required classes (18 hours);

MATH 1337 (Calculus 1)

MATH 1338 (Calculus 2)

STAT 2331 (Introduction to Statistical Methods), or ITOM 2305 (Managerial Statistics)

STAT 3300 (Introduction to Statistical Modeling/applied statistics)

STAT 3304 (Introduction to Statistical Computing)

STAT 4340 (Statistical Methods for Engineers and Applied Scientists) (or STAT 4341)

Advanced Statistics Electives (at least 9 hours);


Any STAT 3300 level course;

Any STAT 4000 level course (except STAT 4341)

Any STAT 6000 level course (need permission to enroll)

ECO 5350 (Introductory Econometrics); ECO 5375 (Economic and Business Forecasting); EMIS 5344 (Statistical Quality Control)

Other Electives (to complete 24 hours electives);

Any MATH 3XXX course or higher (Calculus 3 and Linear algebra especially encouraged)*

ECO 3301

Any ECO 4XXX course or higher

EMIS 3308, 3360, 3361, and EMIS 5XXX or higher

(*) MATH 2339 and MATH 2343 DO count towards the MATH 3XXX elective, as these courses have been renumbered as 3000 level.