Undergraduate BS Degree Requirements (2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

Notice to all students declaring a STAT major on or after 8/22/2016 who are considering the MASDA degree.  Due to SACS regulations, only 12 hours of 5xxx and/or 6xxx coursework taken as an undergraduate may be counted towards the MASDA degree. 

Furthermore these 12 hours must be taken in one's final year of undergraduate study (the twelve months prior to graduation).


FAQs --  Current Undergraduate Majors or Minors


Required Classes (18 hours)

MATH 1337, 1338:  Calculus I, II
STAT 5304:  Introduction to SAS 
STAT 5371, 5372:  Experimental Statistics
STAT 4340 (EMIS 3340/CSE 4340) or with Departmental permission STAT 5373:  (Mathematical Statistics Class)

Electives  (24 hours)

Advanced Statistics electives (at least 9 hours)

STAT 3312:  Categorical Data Analysis

STAT 4370:  Survey Sampling

STAT 4385:  Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics

STAT 4399:  Data Science

STAT (ECO) 5350:  Introductory Econometrics

STAT (ECO) 5375:  Economic and Business Forecasting

STAT (EMIS) 5377:  Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments

STAT 5380 (ECO 6380):  Predictive Analytics/Data Mining


STAT 6380 (with permission):  SAS II and Databases

STAT 5374 (with permission: Further mathematical statistics


Other electives (to complete 24 hours).

Economics:  3301 (Price Theory) and any 4000-level or higher class
EMIS 3308, 3360, 3361 and any 5000-level or higher class
Mathematics:  2339 (Calculus III), 2343 (Elementary Differential Equations)
Any 3000-level or higher class.

At most one from:
STAT 2301:  Statistics for Modern Business Statistics
STAT 2331:  Introduction to Statistical Methods
ITOM 2305:  Managerial Statistics
Total:  42 hours