Seminars: Spring 2014

Seminars are held at 3:00 p.m. on Friday in 153 Heroy Bldg on SMU Campus.


Date & Location



January 24 Richard Gunst, SMU Statistical Issues in the Design of an Experiment on the Effects of Increased Fuel Ethanol on Vehicle Emissions
January 31     Seong Kim, Hanyang  University           Semi-parametric and Nonparametric Inference for ROC Analysis, abstract

February 27**  (ThursdayNorth Texas ASA Chapter Mtg, at 7 pm in 110 DLSB

Bradley Efron, Stanford University (Bill Schucany Visiting Scholar)

Learning from the Experience of Others, abstract  (pdf file of talk)

February 28 in 123 FOSC at 3 pm Bradley Efron. Stanford University  (Bill Schucany Visiting Scholar) Frequentist Accuracy of Bayesian Estimates, abstract (pdf file of talk)
March 14 Spring Break  
March 21 Xin Tu, University of Rochester Functional Response Models and Their Applications, abstract
March 28 Varghese George, Georgia Regents University  Methods for Differential Methylation with Next Generation Sequencing, abstract
April 4 Daniel Heitjan, Univ of Pennsylvania Real-Time Prediction in Clinical Trials: A Statistical History of REMATCH, abstract
May 1 -- North Texas ASA Meeting at 7 pm in 153 Heroy Hall on SMU Campus Ingram Olkin, Stanford University Meta-Analysis: Statistical Methods for Combining the Results of Independent Studies, abstract
May 2 Andre de Waal, Ph.D. SAS Global Academic Program Visual Analytics, abstract