Education Research Group

Professors S. Lynne Stokes, Ian R. Harris, and Jung Cao have an educational statistics research group. Professors Stokes and Cao have a grant from the Institute of Educational Sciences at the Department of Education entitled "Examination of Low Motivation in 12th Grade NAEP." This project involves examining data from 12th graders taking the National Assessment of Educational Progress to determine if there are test-taking behaviors indicative of low motivation that might explain the failure of the scores to increase, as other measures of high school readiness have increased. The group is also investigating measurement error issues using methods such as SIMEX to correct for the bias of regression coefficients in models in which some of the predictor variables are measured with error. The motivation for this work came from attempts to use teacher intervention fidelity measures as predictors of their student performance. Since teacher fidelity is measured by sampling instruction time, it is measured with error. Professors Stokes, Harris, and Cao are co-investigators in a series of jointly funded projects with SMU's Institute for Reading Research. Several Department of Statistical Science graduate students are supported by work in the data laboratory of the institute managing and analyzing data for large-scale reading intervention programs.