PhD Programs

How to Apply

Application Procedure for Prospective Ph.D. Students

(Statistical Science and Biostatistics)

  1. Apply online at the  .
  2. Submit your application by following the instructions on the above web site.
  3. Enter Ph.D. as the Degree Sought, and for Major, use the pull-down menu and select Statistical Science or Biostatistics.
  4. Upload all supporting documents with your application.  (a)  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable during the review phase.  Official transcripts are only required upon admission.
  5. Official test scores should be requested from ETS (SMU code 6660).


  • The department’s Admissions Committee makes decisions concerning the awarding of financial aid.
  • The department has several Research Assistantships that are typically reserved for experienced graduate students who have completed at least one year in our program.
  • All of the Teaching Assistantships, Fellowships, and Research Assistantships include tuition and university-paid medical insurance.