Current Faculty

Ronald W. Butler, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site

C.F. Frensley Professor of Mathematical Sciences

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1977

Ronald Butler

Research Interests: Statistical Science, Survival Analysis, Saddlepoint Methods, Multivariate Analysis, Reliability Theory, Bootstrap and Robustness, Systems Theory & Stochastic Networks, Complex Variables, Likelihood & Bayesian Inference, Ocean Engineering Applications

Jing Cao, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site

Associate Professor

University of Missouri, Columbia, 2005

Jing Cao

Research Interests: Bayesian, Spatial Temporal Models, Epidemiology, Bayesian Applications, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Bayesian Survival Analysis, Item Response Theory, Current Research Activities, Model Selection, Generalized Linear Model

Alan Elliott | Website | Faculty Site

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Consulting Center

Southern Methodist University

Research Interests:  Statistical Computing, Ethics, Consulting

Ian Richard Harris, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site

Associate Professor

University of Birmingham, U.K. 1989

Ian Harris

Research Interests: Robust Estimation, Minimum Divergence Methods, Nonparametric Methods, Variance Components, Mixed Models

Daniel F. Heitjan, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site

Professor and Director of the Biostatistics Program (joint with UTSW)

University of Chicago, 1985

Research Interests:  Incomplete data; Clinical trials; Health economics

Darren Homrighausen I Website I CV

Visiting Assistant Professor

Monnie McGee, Ph.D.

mmcgee@smu.eduWebsite | Faculty Site I CV

Associate Professor

Rice University, 1994

Research Interests: Analysis of high throughput biological assays, including flow cytometry, metagenomic, biological pathways, and DNA microarray data; Statistical education

Hon Keung "Tony" Ng, Ph.D.

ngh@smu.eduWebsite | Faculty Site


McMaster University, 2002

Tony Ng

Research Interests: Censored data analysis, Computational statistics, Life-testing procedures, Nonparametric procedures, Reliability theory,
Statistical inference, Statistical methods in epidemiology

Cornelis J. Potgieter, Ph.D.

cpotgieter@smu.eduWebsite | Faculty Site 

Assistant Professor

University of Johannesburg, 2009

Research Interests:  Nonparametric statistics, applications of characteristic functions, spatial statistics, capture-recapture methods, measurement error and latent variable models, generalized skew-symmetric distributions

Stephen Robertson, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site 

Senior Lecturer

Southern Methodist University, 2008

Research Interests: Time Series Analysis with financial applications, Non-parametric methods in Education/Clinical Psychology, Statistical Applications in Sports

Bivin Sadler, Ph.D. 


Southern Methodist University, 2008

Research Interests: Educational statistics, predictive analytics, analysis of large data sets

S. Lynne Stokes, Ph.D | Website | Faculty Site

Professor and Chair

University of North Carolina, 1976

Lynne Stokes

Research Interests: Sampling, measurement error, order statistics

Xinlei (Sherry) Wang, Ph.D.

swang@smu.eduWebsite | Faculty Site


University of Texas (Austin), 2002.

Research Interests: Bayesian methods (Bayesian hierarchical models, Bayesian spatial modeling, Bayesian treed models, Bayesian variable selection), Bayesian applications in genomic data analysis, ranked set sampling and judgment poststratification, statistical applications of Geometric Programming

Wayne A. Woodward, Ph.D.

waynew@smu.eduWebsite | Faculty Site


Texas Tech University, 1974

Wayne Woodward

Research Interests: Time Series, Robust Estimation, Statistical Analysis

Professor Emeritus

U. Narayan Bhat, Ph.D. | Faculty Site

Professor Emeritus

The University of Western Australia, 1964.

Narayan Bhat

Special Recognitions: Fellow ASA and Member ISI.

Henry L. Gray, Ph.D. | Faculty Site

Professor Emeritus

University of Texas (Austin), 1966

Henry Gray

Special Recognitions: Fellow ASA

Richard F. Gunst, Ph.D. | Website | Faculty Site


Southern Methodist University, 1972

Research Interests: Regression Analysis, Linear Models, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Methods

Campbell Read, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1969

Campbell Read

Editor:  Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences (Wiley)

William R. Schucany, Ph.D. | Website 

Professor Emeritus

Southern Methodist University, 1970

Special Recognitions:  Fellow ASA; Founders Award ASA

William R. Schucany

Research Interests: Data analysis in biomedical research, gene expression and association studies, rank tests for trend Nonparametric curve estimation, local linear and kernels, adaptive bandwidths, wavelets resampling methodologies including jackknife, bootstrap, and randomization tests analysis of medical imaging data.