Ph.D. Graduates by Year

This page contains the list of all Ph.D. graduates by the year of graduation. Each entry includes the name of the graduate, dissertation title, and the name of the advisor. Please click here to notify the department of any omission or error.


  • E. Dwane Anderson The Characterization of Multivariate Normal Integrals and the Distribution of Linear Combinations of Order Statistics(D. B. Owen)

  • Lowell Gregory, A General Ranking Model, (D. B. Owen)


  • Charles Anderson, Generalized Asymptotes for Extreme Value Distributions, (John E. Walsh)

  • Tom Bratcher, A Bayesian treatment of a multiple comparison Problem for Binomial Probabilities, (R. P. Bland)

  • Alfred Crofts, An Investigation of Bivariate Normal Lognormal Distributions , (D. B. Owen)

  • Fred Durling, Bivariate Probit Logit and Burrit Analysis , (D. B. Owen)

  • Stephen George, Partial Prior Information: Some Empirical Bayes and G-minimax Decision Functions , (R. P. Bland)

  • Terry Pope, On the Stepwise Construction of a Prediction Equation, (J. T. Webster)

  • Mark Smith, An Optimum Discrete Space Sequential Search Procedure which Considers False Alarm and False Dismissal Instrument Errors, (John E. Walsh)

  • Robert Wysocki, Some Useful Generalizations in Markov Renewal Processes, (A. M. Kshirsagar)


  • Danny Dyer, Parametric Estimation in a Doubly Truncated Bivariate Normal Distribution , (D. B. Owen)

  • Charles Johnson, A Duality Property for Bayes Rules with Applications (R. P. Bland)

  • Gibb Matlock, Statistical Theory for the Detection of Signals, (D. B. Owen)

  • William R. Schucany, The Reduction of Bias in Parametric Estimation, (D. B. Owen)

  • Burton Seibert, Estimation and Confidence Intervals for Quantal Response or Sensitivity Data, (D. B. Owen)

  • Don Wheeler, An Alternative for an F-test on Variances , (J. T. Webster)


  • Richard Barham, Parameter Reclassification in Nonlinear Least Squares (J. W. Drane)

  • Ronald Boase, Sequential Multivariate Quality Control Tests Using Tolerance Regions (John E. Walsh)

  • Chuck Broadnax, Decomposition of Time Series Into Deterministic Indeterministic Components (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Dwight Brock, Statistical Inference for Markov Renewal Processes (A. M. Kshirsagar)

  • Jim Craig, An Empirical Bayes Approach to a Variables Sampling Plan Problem (R. P. Bland)

  • Roy Cranley, Statistical Methods for Evaluating Multiple Integrals (John E. Walsh)

  • James Davenport, Comparison in a Class of Approximate F-tests (J. T. Webster)

  • Ron Harrist, On the Resolution of Hypotheses Employing the Asymptotic Independence of Successive Likelihood Ratio Statistics (J. W. Drane)

  • Robert Mason, Tests when Errors are Correlated in a Randomized Block Design (J. T. Webster)

  • Satish Chandra Misra, On Estimating the Reliability of a Components Subject to Several Different Stresses (D. B. Owen)

  • Stewart Musket, An Evaluation of Kendall's Order-Statistic Method of Discriminant Analysis and Related Studies (A. M. Kshirsagar)

  • Elinor Pape, When the Coefficient of a Covariate Changes from Block to Block (J. T. Webster)

  • Raymond Sansing, The Density of the t-Statistic for Non-Normal Distributions (D. B. Owen)

  • William F. Weber, On the Statistical Analysis of Random Surfaces (John E. Walsh)

  • John Young, Some Inference Problems Associated with the Complex Multivariate Normal Distribution (D. B. Owen)


  • William Frawley, Improved Approximate Confidence Levels Through Modification of the Jackknife (William R. Schucany)

  • Richard Gunst , Simultaneous Testing and Estimation with Dependent Chi-Square Random Variables (J. T. Webster)

  • Alemayehu Haile, Comparisons of Some Designs and Quadratic Forms for Estimating Variance Components (J. T. Webster)

  • John Sommers Improved Density Estimation (William R. Schucany)


  • Alan Kvanli, Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Mixed Models with Interaction (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Loretta Li, A Rank Test Sensitive to Common Concordance in Two Groups (William R. Schucany)

  • Jim Minor, Improved Estimation of f'(y)/f(y) (William R. Schucany)

  • David Stevenson, Bayesian Multiple Comparisons of Normal Population Without the Assumption of Equal Variances (R. P. Bland)

  • Jerrell Stracener, An Investigation of the Doubly Folded Bivariate Normal Distribution (D. B. Owen)


  • John Boddie, Estimation of Probabilities in Problems of Selection (D. B. Owen)

  • William Lester, A Double Sampling Acceptance Plan of Variables Based on the Range from a Normal Population (D. B. Owen)

  • T. P. Lin, Combining Inter- and Intra-Block Estimators in Group Divisible Designs (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Joan Reisch, Using a Regression Equation for Prediction in Subsequent Samples (J. T. Webster)


  • Jim Beckett, Some Properties and Applications of a Statistic for Analyzing Concordance of Rankings of Groups of Judges (William R. Schucany)

  • Erwin Hearne, Bivariate Gamma Distributions and the Estimation of Parameters (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Edward Mansfield, Principal Component Approach to Handling Multicollinearity and Regression Analysis (J. T. Webster)

  • Frederick Morgan, The G-Spectral Estimator (Henry L. Gray)


  • Glen Houston, On G-Spectral Estimation (Henry L. Gray)

  • Yueh-ling Hsiao, A Selection Problem Using a Screening Variable (D. B. Owen)

  • John White, Inference Procedures for Latent Root Regression Analysis (J. T. Webster)


  • Cathy Campbell, Properties of Ordinary and Weighted Least Squares Estimators of Regression Coefficients for Two-stage Samples (J. T. Webster)

  • James Hess, Regression Estimator Evaluation Using an Integrated Mean Squared Error Criterion (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Gary Kelley, A New Approach to ARMA Modeling -- the Nonstationary Case (Henry L. Gray)

  • Donald McIntire, A New Approach to ARMA Modeling (Henry L. Gray)

  • John Michael, Goodness-of-Fit: Type II Censoring; Influence Functions (William R. Schucany)


  • James Baird, The Bayesian Multiple Comparisons Problem for Translated Exponential Distributions (R. P. Bland)

  • Moon-Yul Huh, Robustness of the MINQUE (J. T. Webster)

  • Stephen Meeks, MTBE Confidence Sets and Robustness Properties for Sequential Test Plans for the MIL-STD-781 (D. B. Owen)

  • William Parr, Minimum Distance and Robust Estimation (William R. Schucany)


  • Roy Haas, Selection Procedures Using Several Screening Variables Under 2-sided Specification Limits (D. B. Owen)

  • Shirlene Pearson, On Smoothing S-Arrays and their Application in Time Series (Henry L. Gray)


  • Youn-Min Chou, Some Screening Procedures Based on Data from a Truncated Normal Variate (D. B. Owen)

  • Tsushung Hua, Extensions of Inference Procedures for Biased Estimators (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Gary Ulrich, A Generalization of the Linear Rank Statistic and Its Properties (William R. Schucany)


  • Steve Dossin, A New Approach to Identification of Transfer Function Models (Henry L. Gray)

  • Jeff Hart, On ARMA Density Estimation and Complex-Valued S-Arrays (Henry L. Gray)

  • Kwan-Rim Lee, Estimation in the Incomplete Block Design Model (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Mike Morton, (Henry L. Gray)

  • Albert Palachek, Applications of U-Statistics in Testing and Estimation of Concordance (William R. Schucany)

  • Hon Yeh, Statistical Inference related to the Means of Two Normal Populations with Unequal Variances (D. B. Owen)


  • N. J. Bosmia, Minimum Distance Estimation of a Truncation Parameter (William R. Schucany)

  • Michael Conerly, A Comparison of Three Variance Component Estimators Using Symmetric Balanced IncompleteBlock Designs (J. T. Webster)

  • Dovalee Dorsett, Resistant M-Estimators in the Presence of Influential Points (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Suk-ki Hahn, A Bayesian Approach Using a Two-Stage Prior to the Symmetric Multiple Comparison Problem (R. P. Bland)

  • Robert Henderson, Robust and Resistant Estimation of Regression Coefficients (Richard F. Gunst)


  • Ling-Shua Chow, Application of the Bivariate Singly NonCentral t-Distribution to a Screening Problem (D. B. Owen)

  • Paul Eslinger, Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation (W. A. Woodward)

  • Young Ha Lee, A Modified Bootstrap Method for Distribution Free Confidence Intervals (William R. Schucany)


  • Mohammad Alassaf, A Comparison of Four Variance Component Estimators in Regular Group Divisible Partially BalancedIncomplete Block Designs (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Salvador Borrego, The Economic Geometric Moving Average X-Bar Charts (D. B. Owen)

  • Mani Lakshminarayan, Estimation in Simple Linear Regression Models when Both Variables are Subject to Measurement Error (Richard F. Gunst)

  • J. C. Shyu, Tolerance Intervals for the Double Exponential Distribution (D. B. Owen)


  • Tom Carmody, Diagnostics for Multivariate Smoothing Splines (Randy Eubank)

  • Lori Thombs, Bootstrap Prediction Intervals for Autoregressive Processes (William R. Schucany)


  • Miriam Reilman Daunis, Estimation and Prediction in Measurement Error Model (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Rebecca Rosenstein, Components of Phi-Squared and Tests of Symmetry (Randy Eubank)


  • Michael Ames, Discrimination Intervals for Percentiles in Random Effects Covariance Model (J. T. Webster)

  • J. Kelly Cunningham, Robust Penalized Regression (Randy Eubank)


  • Huaixiang Li, On the UMVU Estimators after Using a Normalizing Transformation (D. B. Owen)

  • Don Strickert, Estimating Consumer Acceptance Limits (D. B. Owen)


  • Olivia Carrillo, Measurement Error Model Collinearities (Richard F. Gunst)


  • Warren Bao, Simultaneous Selection of Local Bandwidth and Kernel Order (William R. Schucany)

  • Kyung Joon Cha, Adaptive Bandwidth Selection of a Boundary Kernel in Nonparametric Regression (William R. Schucany)


  • Cindy R. Ford, The Gegenbauer and Gegenbauer Auto-Regressive Moving Average Long-Memory Time Series Models (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Cindy Kalkomey, Modeling Quasi-Periodic and Seasonal Long Memory Processes (H. L. Gray)

  • Joyce Wellman, Influence Diagnostics for Measurement Error Models (Richard F. Gunst)


  • David L. Daniel, A Locally Weighted Least Squares Approach to Nonparametric Regression (Paul Whitney)

  • Sunho Hong, Parameter Estimation for Kriging Models (R. F. Gunst)

  • Myung Song Moon, Polynomial Measurement Error Models (R. F. Gunst)


  • Qin-Chang Cheng, Transfer Function Model Identification and Garma II Model (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Patrick D. Gerard, Combining Independent Nonparametric Regression Estimators (William R. Schucany)

  • Joonghee (John) Han, Estimation in Variance Componanet (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Nalin Perera, Nonparametric Regression with Measurement Error Model (William R. Schucany)

  • Wenzi Qiu, Rank Tests for Unbalanced Two-Way ANOVA (Georgia Thompson)


  • Huchen Fei, Nonparametric Regression with Censored Data (Yuly Koshevnik)

  • Ping Li, Estimation of Semivariogram Model Parameters (Richard F. Gunst)

  • James W. Miller, Forecasting with Fractionally Differenced Time Series Models (Henry L. Gray)


  • Lei Fu, On Long Memory Time Series (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Alan Polansky, Kernel Smoothing to Improve Bootstrap Confidence Intervals (William R. Schucany)

  • Eugene Y. Wang, Modified Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Generalized Gamma Distribution (C. H. Kapadia)


  • Prabir Majumder, Variance Component Estimation for Genetic Models (Rudy Guerra)

  • Sukanya Mookerjee Misra, Statistical Monitoring of Online Instruments (Sabyasachi Basu & Donald Strickert)

  • Gregory K. Miller, Estimation of Renewal Processes with Unobservable Interarrival Times (U. Narayan Bhat)

  • Ying Wan, Significance Testing for the Robust Sib Pair Linkage Method (Rudy Guerra)

  • Jinping Wang, Design and Analysis of Serial Dilution Assays (Sabyasachi Basu)


  • Michael Ernst, Permutation Tests of Bivariate Interchangeability  (W. R. Schucany)

  • Liang-Jun Tang, Censored Data: A Large Sample Study of CDF Estimates Under Constriants (Yuly Koshevnik)

  • Molly Isbell Hartfield, Characterizing Changes in Time Across a Geographic Region(Richard F. Gunst).


  • Bryan Adams, Scatterplot Smoothing with Partially Variable Bandwidths (W. R. Schucany)

  • Stephen Wiechecki Vergara, Semiparametric Estimation for Long Memory Parameters via Wavelet Packets  (Henry L. Gray)


  • Carol J. Etzel, Meta-Analysis for Genetic Linkage Studies (Rudy Guerra)

  • Jo Kang Kuo, Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci: Sampling Consideration Using Bivariate Data (Rudy Guerra)


  • Jeffrey S. Pitblado, Estimating Partially Variable Bandwidths in Local Linear Regression Using an Information Criterion (William R. Schucany)


  • Euikyoo Lee, Bayesian Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Models with Application to the Modeling of Hanford Site Tritium Concentrations (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Jian Han, Genetic Linkage Analysis of Bivariate Traits Using Identity by Descent Data from Sibpairs  (Rudy Guerra)


  • Chu-Ping Vijverberg,   Discrete Multiplicative Stationary Processes (H. L. Gray)


  • Krista Blevins Cohlmia, Filtering M-Stationary Processes (Henry L. Gray & Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Huiping Jiang, Time-Frequency Analysis: G(l)  Stationary Process (Henry Gray and Wayne Woodward)

  • Sergio Juarez, Robust and Efficient Estimation for the Generalized Pareto Distribution (William R. Schucany)

  • Abu Minhajuddin, Bootstrap Tests for Multivariate Directional Hypotheses (William R. Schucany and Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Eun-Ha Choi, EARMA Processes with Spectral Analysis of Non-Stationary Time Series (Henry L. Gray and Wayne A. Woodward)

  • An Jia, Recursive Partitioning for Kernel Smoothers: A Tree-Based Approach for Estimating Variable Bandwidths in Local Linear Regression(William R. Schucany)


  • Patrick Carmack, Recursive Partitioning in Spatially Correlated Data (William R. Schucany)

  • Liangang Liu(2004), Spectral Analysis with Time-Varying Frequency (Wayne Woodward)

  • Yushan Liu, On Estimation of the Number of Multinomial Cells from Cluster Sampling (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Jeff Spence,A Spatial Analysis of SPECT Brain Imaging Data: Optimal Predictions in Regions of Interest (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Shuyi Shen, Minimum L2 Estimation for Poisson Mixtures (Ian R. Harris)

  • Zhu Wang, The Application of the Kalman Filter to Nonstationary Time Series through Time Deformation (Henry Gray and Wayne Woodward)

  • Yan Zhong, Analysis of Time-Varying Frequency Exponential Chirp Process Through Exponential Time Transformation (Henry Gray and Wayne Woodward)


  • Liansheng Tang, Undercoverage of Wavelet-based Resampling Confidence Intervals and a Parameteric Saptial Bootstrap (William Schucany & Wayne


  • Kangxia Gu, Testing the rates of Poisson distribution (Tony Ng)

  • Md. Jobayer Hossain, Analysis of Nonstationary Time Series with Time Varying Frequencies (H. Gray and W. Woodward)

  • Qihua Lin, Bayesian Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Modeling of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data (Richard Gunst)


  • Kinfemichael Gedif, Detecting Brain Activations in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Experiments With a Maximum Cross-Correlation Statistic (William Schucany)

  • Yue Jia, Using Sampling Weights in the Estimation of Random Effects Model (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Steve Robertson, Generalizations and Applications of the Linear Chirp (Henry Gray & Wayne Woodward)

  • Mengyuan Xi, Filtering Nonstationary Time Series by Time Deformation (Henry Gray & Wayne Woodward)

  • Zhongxue Chen, Probe-Level Data Analysis for High-Density Oligonucleotide Arrays (Monnie McGee)


  • Darcie Pace Delzell, Optimal Statistical Design for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Experiments (Richard Gunst)

  • Julia Kozlitinia, Tests for Trend in the Analysis of Genetic Associations Studies (William Schucany)

  • Dario Nappa, Bayesian Classification Using Bayesian Additive and Regression Trees (Sherry Wang)

  • Yan Wang, Dependencies in NAEP and Their Effects on Analysis (Lynne Stokes)


  • Jonathan Sanders, A Smoothing-Based Procedure for Time Series Trend Testing (William Schucany & Wayne Woodward)


  • Andrew Hardin, Semi-Parametric Simulation of Affymetrix Microarrays to Obtain Realistic Output  (Monnie McGee)

  • Fan Hu, Sample Size Estimation With Nonparametric Methods for One Sample Location Tests Under Clustered Data (William Schucany)

  • Joel O'Hair,Multidimensional Signal Detection in the Presence of Correlated Noise with Application to Brain Imaging (Wayne Woodward)

  • Elizabeth McClellan, Improving Statistical Methods in Biological Pathway Analysis (Monnie McGee)

  • Kun Zou (2010), Clustering Raw Distributions of Intensities from Affymetrix Gene Expression Microarrays in Order to Evaluate Statistical Preprocessing Methods (Monnie McGee)


  • James Haney, Analyzing Time Series with Time-varying frequency behavior and conditional heteroskedasticity (Wayne Woodward and Henry Gray)


  • Prabhu S. Bhagavatheeswaran, Method of Moments Estimators for Hierarchical Logistic Regression Models (Ian Harris)

  • Ohn Jo Koh, Functional Connectivity from fMRI Data Correcting for Physiological Nuisance Signals in the Resting State Brain (William Schucany)

  • Long (Michael) Luo

  • Holly Stovall, Ranked Set Sampling and Its Applications in Educational Statistics (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Ke Wang, Estimating Cumulative Distribution Functions from JPS Data with Empty Strata and Analyzing High-Throughput Data via Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Modeling, (Xinlei Wang)

  • Miao Zang, Bayesian Meta-Analysis in Pathway Enrichment Analysis (Xinlei Wang)


  • Ayman Al-Rawashdeh, Semiparametric Bayesian Methods for Multivariate Survival Data (Jing Cao)

  • Yalan Hu, Spike Detection and Accommodation for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Xiaowen Hu, Advances in the Estimation of Nonlinear Hemodynamic Response Functions  (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Kalanka Jayalath, Spatial Point Processes in Pre-Historic House Structures  (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Dong Lin (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Mengya Liu, Friedman-Rafsky Test in Flor Cytometry Cross-Sample Comparison Analysis (Monnie McGee)

  • Jacob Turner, A Novel Approach to Modeling Immunoogy Data Derived from Flow Cytometry  (Monnie McGee)


  • Ou (Chris) Bai, Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Rare Binary Adverse Event Data and Using Ranked Set Sampling with Randomized Block Designs(Sherry Wang)

  • Wenkai Bao, Analysis of Time Series with Time-Varying Frequency Behavior and Long Memory  (WayneWoodward)

  • Changxing (Paul) Chen, Time Varying Frequency Time Series Analysis Using Non-parametric Time Deformation  (Wayne Woodward)

  • Ying Lou, Sample Size Estimation for Comparing Repeated Count Measurement using GEE (Jing Cao)

  • Bivin Sadler, New Methods in Item Response Theory: Information, Bias and Mean Square Error  (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Jian Zhang, Statistical Inference on Component Lifetime Characteristics Based on System Lifetime Data  (Tony Ng)

  • Xiujun (Sylvia) Zhu, Comparison of Quasi-Alignment Methods for Metagenomic Classification (Monnie McGee)


  • Amy Nussbaum, Analysis of Longitudinal Latent-Variable Models with Two Sources of Measurement Error (Cornelis Potgieter)

  • Ranil Samaratunga, Two New Methods for Estimating the Stability Index Parameter of a Stable Distribution (Cornelis Potgieter)

  • Yin Xi, Bayesian Spatial Clustering Method and its Application in Radiology (Jing Cao)

  • Yixun (Penelope) Xing, Analysis and Model Identification of Long Memory Models (Wayne Woodward)

  • Yandan Yang, On Analysis of System-Based Reliability Data (Tony Ng)


  • Chelsea Allen, Comparing Models for the Heaping Mechanism with Cigarette Count Data (Dan Heitjan)

  • Priyangi Bulathsinha, Spatial Integration of Fundtional Connectivity Methods in the Default Mode Network of the Brian (Richard Gunst)

  • Mahesh Fernando, Confidence Intervals for the Variance Ratios in any Unbalanced Linear Models (Ron Butler)

  • Bingchen Liu, Ranked Set Sampling and Judgment Post-stratification Estimators for Discrete Distributions (S. Lynne Stokes)]

  • Wentao Lu, An Adaptive Testing Approach for Meta-Analysis of Gene Set Enrichment Studies (Sherry Wang)

  • Charles South, A Dynamic Modelling and Optimization Approach to Daily Fantasy Basketball (Jing Cao)


  • Lei (Nathan) Li, Development of Meta-Analysis Methods in Biomedical Studies (Sherry Wang)

  • Mumu Wang, Using Ranked Set Sampling with Binary Outcomes in Cluster Randomized Designs (Sherry Wang)


  • Heng Cui, Discrete Ranked Set Sampling (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Gaoxiang Jia (1st Biostatistics Ph.D.), Developing Statistical Methods for Data from Platforms Measuring Gene Expression  (Dan Heitjan)

  • Zhiyun (Sunnie) Ge (2nd Biostatistics Ph.D.), Statistical Analysis in Cancer Survivorship  (Dan Heitjan)

  • Zhengyang Zhou (3rd Biostatistics Ph.D.), Association Tests for Genetic Effect and its Interaction with Environmental Factors (Dan Heitjan)


  • Linh Nghiem , (Cornelis Potgieter)

  • Benjamin Williams (S. Lynne Stokes)