Ph.D Graduates by Name


  • Bryan Adams (1998), Scatterplot Smoothing with Partially Variable Bandwidths (William R. Schucany)

  • Aymen Al-Rawashdeh (2013), Semiparametric Bayesian Methods for Multivariate Survival Data (Jing Cao)

  • Mohammad Alassaf (1984), A Comparison of Four Variance Component Estimators in Regular Group Divisible Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Chelsea Allen (2016), Comparing Models for the Heaping Mechanism with Cigarette Count Data (Dan Heitjan)

  • Michael Ames (1987), Discrimination Intervals for Percentiles in Random Effects Covariance Model (J. T. Webster)

  • Charles Anderson (1969), Generalized Asymptotes for Extreme Value Distributions, (John E. Walsh)

  • E. Dwane Anderson (1968), The Characterization of Multivariate Normal Integrals and the Distribution of Linear Combinations of Order Statistics (D. B. Owen)


  • Chris Bai (2014), Bayesian Meta-analysis of Rare Binary Adverse Event Data and Using Ranked Set Sampling with Randomized Block Designs(Sherry Wang)

  • James Baird (1978), The Bayesian Multiple Comparisons Problem for Translated Exponential Distributions (R. P. Bland)

  • Warren Bao (1990), Simultaneous Selection of Local Bandwidth and Kernel Order (William R. Schucany)

  • Wenkai Bao (2014),  Analysis of Time Series with Time-Varying Frequency Behavior and Long Memory ( Wayne Woodward)

  • Richard Barham (1971), Parameter Reclassification in Nonlinear Least Squares (J. W. Drane)

  • Jim Beckett (1975), Some Properties and Applications of a Statistic for Analyzing Concordance of Rankings of Groups of Judges (William R. Schucany)

  • Prabhu S. Bhagavatheeswaran (2012), Method of Moments Estimators for Hierarchical Logistic Regression Models (Ian Harris)

  • Ronald Boase (1971), Sequential Multivariate Quality Control Tests Using Tolerance Regions (John E. Walsh)

  • John Boddie (1974), Estimation of Probabilities in Problems of Selection (D. B. Owen)

  • Salvador Borrego (1984), The Economic Geometric Moving Average X-Bar Charts (D. B. Owen)

  • N. J. Bosmia (1982), Minimum Distance Estimation of a Truncation Parameter (William R. Schucany)

  • Tom Bratcher (1969), A Bayesian treatment of a multiple comparison Problem for Binomial Probabilities, (R. P. Bland)

  • Chuck Broadnax (1971), Decomposition of Time Series Into Deterministic Indeterministic Components (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Dwight Brock (1971), Statistical Inference for Markov Renewal Processes (A. M. Kshirsagar)

  • Priyangi Bulathsinha (2016), Spatial Integration of Functional Connectivity Methods in the Default Mode Network of the Brian (Richard Gunst)


  • Cathy Campbell (1977), Properties of Ordinary and Weighted Least Squares Estimators of Regression Coefficients for Two-stage Samples (J. T. Webster)

  • Patrick Carmack (2004), Recursive Partitioning in Spatially Correlated Data (William R. Schucany)

  • Tom Carmody (1985), Diagnostics for Multivariate Smoothing Splines (Randy Eubank)

  • Olivia Carrillo (1989), Measurement Error Model Collinearities (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Kyung Joon Cha (1990), Adaptive Bandwidth Selection of a Boundary Kernel in Nonparametric Regression (William R. Schucany)

  • Zhongxue Chen (2007), Probe-Level Data Analysis for High-Density Oligonucleotide Arrays (Monnie McGee)

  • Changxing (Paul) Chen (2014), Time Varying Frequency Time Series Analysis Using Non-parametric Time Deformation  (Wayne Woodward)

  • Qin Chang Cheng (1993), Transfer Function Model Identification and Garma II Model (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Eu-Ha Choi (2004), EARMA Processes with Spectral Analysis of Non-Stationary Time Series (Henry Gray and Wayne Woodward)

  • Youn-Min Chou (1980), Some Screening Procedures Based on Data from a Truncated Normal Variate (D. B. Owen)

  • Ling-Shua Chow (1983), Application of the Bivariate Singly NonCentral t-Distribution to a Screening Problem (D. B. Owen)

  • Krista Blevins Cohlmia (2003), Filtering M-Stationary Processes (Henry Gray and Wayne Woodward)

  • Michael Conerly (1982), A Comparison of Three Variance Component Estimators Using Symmetric Balanced Incomplete Block Designs (J. T. Webster)

  • Jim Craig (1971), An Empirical Bayes Approach to a Variables Sampling Plan Problem (R. P. Bland)

  • Roy Cranley (1971), Statistical Methods for Evaluating Multiple Integrals (John E. Walsh)

  • Alfred Crofts (1969), An Investigation of Bivariate Normal Lognormal Distributions , (D. B. Owen)

  • J. Kelly Cunningham (1987), Robust Penalized Regression (Randy Eubank)


  • David L. Daniel (1992), A Locally Weighted Least Squares Approach to Nonparametric Regression (Paul Whitney)

  • James Davenport (1971), Comparison in a Class of Approximate F-tests (J. T. Webster)

  • Darcie Delzell (2008), Optimal Statistical Design for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Experiments (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Dovalee Dorsett (1982), Resistant M-Estimators in the Presence of Influential Points (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Steve Dossin (1981), A New Approach to Identification of Transfer Function Models (Henry L. Gray)

  • Fred Durling (1969), Bivariate Probit Logit and Burrit Analysis , (D. B. Owen)

  • Danny Dyer (1970), Parametric Estimation in a Doubly Truncated Bivariate Normal Distribution , (D. B. Owen)


  • Michael Ernst (1997), Permutation Tests of Bivariate Interchangeability (William R. Schucany)

  • Paul Eslinger (1983), Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation (W. A. Woodward)

  • Carol J. Etzel (1999), Meta-Analysis for Genetic Linkage Studies (Rudy Guerra)


  • Huchen Fei (1994), Nonparametric Regression with Censored Data (Yuly Koshevnik)

  • Mahesh Fernando (2016), Confidence Intervals for the Variance ratios in any Unbalanced Linear Models (Ron Butler)

  • Cindy R. Ford (1991), The Gegenbauer and Gegenbauer Auto-Regressive Moving Average Long-Memory Time Series Models (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • William Frawley (1972), Improved Approximate Confidence Levels Through Modification of the Jackknife (William R. Schucany)

  • Lei Fu (1995), On Long Memory Time Series (Wayne A. Woodward)


  • Kinfemichael Gedif (2008), Detecting Brain Activations in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Experiments with a Maximum Cross-Correlation Statistic (W. R. Schucany)

  • Stephen George (1969), Partial Prior Information: Some Empirical Bayes and G-minimax Decision Functions (R. P. Bland)

  • Patrick D. Gerard (1993), Combining Independent Nonparametric Regression Estimators (William R. Schucany)

  • Lowell Gregory (1968), A General Ranking Model (D. B. Owen)

  • Kangxia Gu (2006), Testing the rates of Poisson distribution (H. K. Tony Ng)

  • Richard Gunst (1972), Simultaneous Testing and Estimation with Dependent Chi-Square Random Variables (J. T. Webster)


  • Roy Haas (1979), Selection Procedures Using Several Screening Variables Under 2-sided Specification Limits (D. B. Owen)

  • Suk-ki Hahn (1982), A Bayesian Approach Using a Two-Stage Prior to the Symmetric Multiple Comparison Problem (R. P. Bland)

  • Alemayehu Haile (1972), Comparisons of Some Designs and Quadratic Forms for Estimating Variance Components (J. T. Webster)

  • Joonghee (John) Han (1993), Estimation in Variance Componanet (C. H. Kapadia)

  • James Haney (2011),  Analyzing Time Series with Time-varying Frequency Behavior and Conditional Heteroskedasticity (Wayne Woodward)

  • Andrew Hardin (2010), Semi-Parametric Simulation of Affymetrix Microarrays to Obtain Realistic Output (Monnie McGee)

  • Ron Harrist (1971), On the Resolution of Hypotheses Employing the Asymptotic Independence of Successive Likelihood Ratio Statistics (J. W. Drane)

  • Jeff Hart (1981), On ARMA Density Estimation and Complex-Valued S-Arrays (Henry L. Gray)

  • Molly Isbell Hartfield (1997), Characterizing Changes in Time Across a Geographic Region (Richard F. Gunst).

  • Erwin Hearne (1975), Bivariate Gamma Distributions and the Estimation of Parameters (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Robert Henderson (1982), Robust and Resistant Estimation of Regression Coefficients (Richard F. Gunst)

  • James Hess (1977), Regression Estimator Evaluation Using an Integrated Mean Squared Error Criterion (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Jian Han (2001), Genetic Linkage Analysis of Bivariate Traits Using Identity by Descent Data from Sibpairs (Rudy Guerra)

  • Sunho Hong (1992), Parameter Estimation for Kriging Models (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Md. Jobayer Hossain (2006), Analysis of Nonstationary Time Series with Time Varying Frequencies (H. Gray and W.Woodward)

  • Glen Houston (1976), On G-Spectral Estimation (Henry L. Gray)

  • Yueh-ling Hsiao (1976), A Selection Problem Using a Screening Variable (D. B. Owen)

  • Fan Hu (2010), Sample Size Estimation With Nonparametric Methods for One Sample Location Tests Under Clustered Data (William Schucany)

  • Yalan Hu (2013),  Spike Detection and Accommodation for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Xiaowen Hu (2013), Advances in the Estimation of Nonlinear Hemodynamic Response Functions (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Tsushung Hua (1980), Extensions of Inference Procedures for Biased Estimators (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Moon-Yul Huh (1978), Robustness of the MINQUE (J. T. Webster)



  • Kalanka Jayalath (2013), Spatial Point Processes in Pre-Historic House Structures (Richard F. Gunst)

  • An Jia (2003), A Tree-Based Approach for Estimating Variable Bandwidths in Local Inear Regression (William R. Schucany)

  • Yue Jia (2007), Using sampling weights in the estimation of random effects model (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Huiping Jiang (2003), Time-Frequency Analysis: G(lambda) Stationary Process (Henry L. Gray and Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Charles Johnson (1970), A Duality Property for Bayes Rules with Applications (R. P. Bland)

  • Sergio Juarez (2003), Robust and Efficient Estimation for the Generalized Pareto Distribution by Minimizing a Density Power Divergence(William R. Schucany)


  • Cindy Kalkomey (1991), Modeling Quasi-Periodic and Seasonal Long Memory Processes (Henry L. Gray)

  • Gary Kelley (1977), A New Approach to ARMA Modeling -- the Nonstationary Case (Henry L. Gray)

  • Ohn Jo Koh (2012), Functional Connectivity from fMRI Data Correcting for Physiological Nuisance Signals in the Resting State Brain(William R. Schucany)

  • Julia Kozlitina (2008), Tests for Trend in the Analysis of Genetic Associations Studies (William Schucany)

  • Jo Kang Kuo (1999), Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci: Sampling Consideration using Bivariate Data (Rudy Guerra)

  • Alan Kvanli (1973), Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Mixed Models with Interaction (C. H. Kapadia)


  • Mani Lakshminarayan (1984), Estimation in Simple Linear Regression Models when Both Variables are Subject to Measurement Error (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Euikyoo Lee (2001), Bayesian Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Models with Applilcation to the Modeling of Hanford Site Tritium Concentrations(Richard F. Gunst)

  • Kwan-Rim Lee (1981), Estimation in the Incomplete Block Design Model (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Young Ha Lee (1983), A Modified Bootstrap Method for Distribution Free Confidence Intervals (William R. Schucany)

  • William Lester (1974) A Double Sampling Acceptance Plan of Variables Based on the Range from a Normal Population (D. B. Owen)

  • Huaixiang Li (1988), On the UMVU Estimators after Using a Normalizing Transformation (D. B. Owen)

  • Lei (Nathan) Li (2017), Development of Meta-Analysis Methods in Biomedical Studies (Sherry Wang)

  • Loretta Li (1973), A Rank Test Sensitive to Common Concordance in Two Groups (William R. Schucany)

  • Ping Li (1994), Estimation of Semivariogram Model Parameters (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Dong Lin (2013), (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Qihua Lin (2006), Bayesian Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Modeling of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data (Richard F. Gunst)

  • T. P. Lin (1974), Combining Inter- and Intra-Block Estimators in Group Divisible Designs (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Bingchen Liu (2016), Ranked Set Sampling and Judgement Post-stratification estimators for discrete distributions (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Liangang Liu(2004), Spectral Analysis with Time-Varying Frequency (Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Mengya Liu (2013), Friedman-Rafsky Test in Flow Cytometry Cross-Sample Comparison Analysis (Monnie McGee)

  • Yushan Liu (2004), On Estimation of the Number of Multinomial Cells from Cluster Sampling (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Ying Lou (2014), Sample Size Estimation for Comparing Repeated Count Measurement Using GEE (Jing Cao) 

  • Long (Michael) Luo (2012), Using Hierarchical Rater Model to Adjust Effect Size (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Wentao Lu (2016), An Adaptive Testing Approach for Meta-Analysis of Gene Set Enrichment Studies (Sherry Wang)


  • Prabir Majumder (1996), Variance Component Estimation for Genetic Models (Rudy Guerra)

  • Edward Mansfield (1975), Principal Component Approach to Handling Multicollinearity and Regression Analysis (J. T. Webster)

  • Robert Mason (1971), Tests when Errors are Correlated in a Randomized Block Design (J. T. Webster)

  • Gibb Matlock (1970), Statistical Theory for the Detection of Signals, (D. B. Owen)

  • Donald McIntire (1977), A New Approach to ARMA Modeling (Henry L. Gray)

  • Elizabeth McClellan (2010), Improving Statistical Methods in Biological Pathway Analysis (Monnie McGee)

  • Stephen Meeks (1978), MTBE Confidence Sets and Robustness Properties for Sequential Test Plans for the MIL-STD-781 (D. B. Owen)

  • John Michael (1977), Goodness-of-Fit: Type II Censoring; Influence Functions (William R. Schucany)

  • Gregory K. Miller (1996), Estimation for Renewal Processes with Unobservable Inter-arrival Times (U. Narayan Bhat)

  • James W. Miller (1994), Forecasting with Fractionally Differenced Time Series Models (Henry L. Gray)

  • Abu Minhajuddin (2003), Bootstrap Tests for Multivariate Directional Hypotheses (William R. Schucany and Wayne A. Woodward)

  • Jim Minor (1973), Improved Estimation of f'(y)/f(y) (William R. Schucany)

  • Sukanya Mookerjee Misra (1996), Statistical Monitoring of Online Instruments (Sabyasachi Basu & Donald Strickert)

  • Myung Song Moon (1992), Polynomial Measurement Error Models (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Satish Chandra Misra (1971), On Estimating the Reliability of a Components Subject to Several Different Stresses (D. B. Owen)

  • Frederick Morgan (1975), The G-Spectral Estimator (Henry L. Gray)

  • Mike Morton (1981), The Modified G-Spectral Estimator (Henry L. Gray)

  • Stewart Musket (1971), An Evaluation of Kendall's Order-Statistic Method of Discriminant Analysis and Related Studies (A. M. Kshirsagar)


  • Dario Nappa (2008), Bayesian Classification Using Bayesian Additive and Regression Trees (Sherry Wang)

  • Linh Nghirm (2019), Advances in Measurement Error Modeling (Cornelis Potgieter)

  • Amy Nussbaum (2015), Analysis of Longitudinal Latent-Variable Models with Two Sources of Measurement Error (Cornelis Potgieter)


  • Joel O'Hair (2010), Multidimensional Signal Detection in the Presence of Correlated Noise with Application to Brain Imaging (Wayne A. Woodward)


  • Albert Palachek (1981), Applications of U-Statistics in Testing and Estimation of Concordance (William R. Schucany)

  • Elinor Pape (1971), When the Coefficient of a Covariate Changes from Block to Block (J. T. Webster)

  • William Parr (1978), Minimum Distance and Robust Estimation (William R. Schucany)

  • Shirlene Pearson (1979), On Smoothing S-Arrays and their Application in Time Series (Henry L. Gray)

  • Nalin Perera (1993), Nonparametric Regression with Measurement Error Model (William R. Schucany)

  • Jeffrey S. Pitblado (2000), Estimating Partially Variable Bandwidths in Local Linear Regression Using an Information Criterion (William R. Schucany)

  • Alan Polansky (1995), Kernel Smoothing to Improve Bootstrap Confidence Intervals (William R. Schucany)

  • Terry Pope (1969), On the Stepwise Construction of a Prediction Equation, (J. T. Webster)


  • Wenzi Qiu (1993), Rank Tests for Unbalanced Two-Way ANOVA (Georgia Thompson)


  • Miriam Reilman Daunis (1986), Estimation and Prediction in Measurement Error Model (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Joan Reisch (1974), Using a Regression Equation for Prediction in Subsequent Samples (J. T. Webster)

  • Steve Robertson (2008), Generalizations and Applications of the Linear Chirp (W. A. Woodward)

  • Rebecca Rosenstein (1986), Components of Phi-Squared and Tests of Symmetry (Randy Eubank)


  • Bivin Sadler (2014), New Methods in Item Response Theory: Information, Bias and Mean Square Error (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Ranil Samaratunga (2015), Two New Methods for Estimating the Stability Index Parameter of a Stable Distribution (Cornelis Potgieter)

  • Jonathan Sanders (2009), A Smoothing-Based Procedure for Time Series Trend Testing (William Schucany & Wayne Woodward)

  • Raymond Sansing (1971), The Density of the t-Statistic for Non-Normal Distributions (D. B. Owen)

  • William R. Schucany (1970), The Reduction of Bias in Parametric Estimation (D. B. Owen)

  • Burton Seibert (1970), Estimation and Confidence Intervals for Quantal Response or Sensitivity Data (D. B. Owen)

  • Shuyi Shen (2004), The Minimum L2 Distance Estimator in Poisson Mixtures (Ian Harris)

  • J. C. Shyu (1984), Tolerance Intervals for the Double Exponential Distribution (D. B. Owen)

  • Mark Smith (1969), An Optimum Discrete Space Sequential Search Procedure which Considers False Alarm and False Dismissal Instrument Errors (John E. Walsh)

  • Jeffrey Spence (2004), A Spatial Analysis of SPECT Brain Imaging Data: Optimal Predictions in Regions of Interest (Richard F. Gunst)

  • John Sommers (1972), Improved Density Estimation (William R. Schucany)

  • Charles South (2016), A Dynamic Modelling and Optimization Approach to Daily Fantasy Basketball (Jing Cao)

  • David Stevenson (1973), Bayesian Multiple Comparisons of Normal Population Without the Assumption of Equal Variances (R. P. Bland)

  • Holly Stovall (2012), Ranked Set Sampling and Its Applications in Educational Statistics (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Jerrell Stracener (1973), An Investigation of the Doubly Folded Bivariate Normal Distribution (D. B. Owen)

  • Don Strickert (1988), Estimating Consumer Acceptance Limits (D. B. Owen)


  • Liansheng Tang (2005), Undercoverage of Wavelet-based Resampling Confidence Intervals and a Parameteric Saptial Bootstrap (William Schucany & Wayne Woodward)

  • Liang-Jun Tang (1997), Censored Data: A Large Sample Study of CDF Estimates Under Constraints (Yuly Koshevnik)

  • Lori Thombs (1985), Bootstrap Prediction Intervals for Autoregressive Processes (William R. Schucany)

  • Jacob Turner (2013), A Novel Approach to Modeling Immunology Data Derived from Flow Cytometry (Monnie McGee)


  • Gary Ulrich (1980), A Generalization of the Linear Rank Statistic and Its Properties (William R. Schucany)


  • Chu-Ping Vijverberg (2002), Discrete Multiplicative Stationary Processes (Henry L. Gray).


  • Ying Wan (1996), Significance Testing for the Robust Sib Pair Linkage Method (Rudy Guerra)

  • Ke Wang (2012), Estimating Cumulative Distribution Functions from JPS Data with Empty Strata and Analyzing High-Throughput Data via Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Modeling (Xinlei Wang)

  • Yan Wang (2008), Dependencies in NAEP and their Effects on Analysis (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Eugene Y. Wang (1995), Modified Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Generalized Gamma Distribution (C. H. Kapadia)

  • Jinping Wang (1996), Design and Analysis of Serial Dilution Assays (Sabyasachi Basu)

  • Zhu Wang (2004), The Application of the Kalman Filter to Nonstationary Time Series Through Time Deformation (Henry L. Gray)

  • William F. Webber (1971), On the Statistical Analysis of Random Surfaces (John E. Walsh)

  • Joyce Wellman (1991), Influence Diagnostics for Measurement Error Models (Richard F. Gunst)

  • Don Wheeler (1970), An Alternative for an F-test on Variances , (J. T. Webster)

  • John White (1976), Inference Procedures for Latent Root Regression Analysis (J. T. Webster)

  • Stephen Wiechecki Vergara (1998), Semiparametric Estimation for Long Memory parameters Via Wavelet Packets (Henry L. Gray)

  • Benjamin Williams (2019), Understanding the Effects of Matching Errors on Estimation of Total when Combining Data Sources: An investigation of a New Method to Estimate Marine Recreational Fishing Catch in the Gulf of Mexico (S. Lynne Stokes)

  • Robert Wysocki (1969), Some Useful Generalizations in Markov Renewal Processes, (A. M. Kshirsagar)


  • Yin Xi (2015), Bayesian Spatial Clustering Method and its Application in Radiology (Jing Cao)

  • Yixun (Penelope) Xing (2015), Analysis and Model Identification of Long Memory Models (W. A. Woodward)

  • Mengyuan Xu (2008), Filtering Analysis of Non-stationary Time Series by Time Deformation, (W. A. Woodward)


  • Yandan (Daisy) Yang (2015), On Analysis of System-Based Reliability Data (Tony Ng)

  • Hon Yeh (1981), Statistical Inference related to the Means of Two Normal Populations with Unequal Variances (D. B. Owen)

  • John Young (1971), Some Inference Problems Associated with the Complex Multivariate Normal Distribution (A. Kshirsagar)


  • Miao Zang (2012), Bayesian Meta-Analysis in Pathway Enrichment Analysis (Sherry Wang)

  • Jian Zhang (2014), Statistical Inference on Component Lifetime Characteristics Based on System Lifetime Data  (Tony Ng)

  • Yan Zhong (2004), Analysis of Time-Varying Frequency Exponential Chirp Process Through Exponential Time Transformation (W. Woodward and H. Gray)

  • Zhengyang Zhou (2017), Association Tests for Genetic Effect and its Interaction with Environmental Factors (Daniel Heitjan)

  • Xiujun (Sylvia) Zhu (2014), Comparison of Quasi-Alignment Methods for Metagenomic Classification (Monnie McGee)

  • Kun Zou (2010),  Clustering Raw Distribution of Intensities from Affymetrix Gene Expressions Microarrays in Order to Evaluate Statistical Preprocessing Methods (Monnie McGee)