Conference of Texas Statisticians

Final Program, Abstracts, Poster Winners


Final COTS2017 Program and Abstracts


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Listing of poster award winners.

Awards for Posters are as follows:

Category: Master/Undergraduate Level - Mathematical Statistics/Biostatistic

1st Prize -  Heranga Rathnasekara, Sam Houston State University

Poster: Hot Sports and Cluster Analysis of a Mosquito-Born Disease

2nd Prize - Kristina Yount, Sam Houston State University 

Poster: Predicting Parasite Counts of Apis Mellifera Using Poisson Regression

3rd Prize: Shuying Sun, Texas State University 

Poster: Hemimethylation Analysis Using Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Tests and Bioinformatics Approaches 


Category: Master/Undergraduate Level - Applied Statistics/Interdisciplinary

1st Prize - Feiyang Gao, Sam Houston State University

Poster: Statistical Quality Control to Test Human Limits in Golf 

2nd Prize - Yihan Xu, Southern Methodist University

Poster: Predicting the Potential Economic Cost of a Car Accident Under Different Circumstances

3rd Prize: Meghan Sealey, Sam Houston State University

Poster: Quality Control Techniques to Monitor On-Time Performance of Houston Airport


Category: Ph.D. Level - Mathematical Statistics/Biostatistics 

1st Prize - Jiayi Wu, University of Texas at Dallas

Poster: Wavelet Analysis of Large-P-Small-N Cross-Correlation Matrices in an fMRI Study of Neuroplasticity

2nd Prize - Marzana Chowdhury, University of Texas at Dallas

Poster: A Model for Predicting Individualized Absolute Risk of Contralateral Breast Cancer

3rd Prize: Qiwei Li, UT Southwestern

Poster: Bayesian Hidden Potts Models for Tumor Pathological Image Analysis


Category: Ph.D. Level - Applied Statistics/Interdisciplinary

1st Prize - Francis Bilson DarkuUniversity of Texas at Dallas

Poster: Bounded-Width Confidence Interval for Gini Index Under Complex Survey

2nd Prize - Xiaojie Zhu, Southern Methodist University

Poster: Improved Test for Monotonic Trend in Time Series Data

3rd Prize: Fode Zhang, Southern Methodist University

Poster: On the Tsallis Statistics in the Reliability Analysis and Lifetime Testing