Faculty and Staff

Matthew R. Keller

Associate Professor
Department Chair
Director, Markets & Culture Interdisciplinary Program
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Hyer Hall 310C
(214) 768-3583

Curriculum Vitae


Research and Teaching Interests

Economic Sociology; Political Economy; Organizations and Institutions; Technological Innovation; Historical and Comparative Sociology 

Current Research

My research revolves around innovation, institutional change and the role of government. One main strand of my work concerns the dynamics of technological innovation and technology policy. Recent works have explored the government's role in the U.S. innovation system;innovation and industrial policies in an era of "networked" innovation; the dynamics of green energy innovation; and institutional change in national innovation systems. A second strand of work explores historical patterns in government responses to episodes of mass violence, focusing on the questions of how democratic governments explain violent outbreaks, and how they justify police or military violence when it is used to quell political protests and social movements.  

Selected Publications

Fred Block, Matthew R. Keller, and Marian Negoita. Forthcoming. "Network Failures and the Evolution of the U.S. Innovation System."

Keller, Matthew R., Fred Block and Marian Negoita. 2017. “How does Innovation Work within the Developmental Network State? New Data on Public-Private Agreements in a U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory.”

Matthew R. Keller and Fred Block. 2015. “Do as I Say, or As I Do? U.S. Innovation and Industrial Policy since the 1980s.” In J. Felipe, ed., with the Asian Development Bank, Development and Modern Industrial Policy in Practice.

Matthew R. Keller. 2014. "When is the State's Gaze Focused? British Royal Commissions and the Bureaucratization of Conflict." Journal of Historical Sociology 27(2)

Fred Block and Matthew R. Keller. 2014. “Can the U.S. Sustain its Global Position? Dynamism and Stagnation in the U.S. Institutional Model.Political Power and Social Theory 26 

Matthew R. Keller and Fred Block. 2013. "Explaining the Transformation of the U.S. Innovation System: the Role of a Small Government Program." Socio-Economic Review 11(4)

Matthew R. Keller and Marian Negoita. 2013. "Correcting Network Failures: The Evolution of U.S. Innovation Policy in the Wind and Advanced Battery Industries." Competition & Change 17(4)

State of Innovation: The U.S. Government's Role in Technology Development (2011)

Matthew R. Keller 2011. "The CIA's Pioneering Role in Public Venture Capital Initiatives." In Block and Keller, eds. State of Innovation: The U.S. Government's Role in Technology Development

Matthew R. Keller. 2009. "Commissioning Legitimacy: The Global Logics of National Violence Commissions in the 20th Century" Politics & Society 37(3)

Fred Block and Matthew R. Keller. 2009. "Where do Innovations Come From? Changes in the U.S. Economy, 1970-2006" Socio-Economic Review 7(3)

Recent Grants, Awards, Affiliations

Co-Organizer, Network on Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation for the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

HOPE Award (Honoring Our Professors of Excellence), SMU, 2015.

Economic Stimulus and Innovation Capacity at the Department of Energy. NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program (SciSIP) (Co-Principal Investigator).

Awarded Best Paper in Socio-Economic Review, 2009, for "Where do Innovations Come From? Changes in the U.S. Economy, 1970-2006"