Fellipe do Vale

Graduate Student in Systematic Theology


Email: fdovale@mail.smu.edu


Fellipe do Vale is a current student in the Graduate Program in Religious Studies emphasizing in Systematic Theology. Before enrolling in 2017, he earned MAs in Systematic Theology and Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Gender Studies from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. His current work is on the theology of gender, particularly in giving an answer to the question, 'What is gender?' that meets the general desiderata of Systematic Theology and draws from the theology of love found in St. Augustine of Hippo. Since joining the GPRS, Fellipe has presented in conferences in Rome, Providence, Grand Rapids and Houston, and has published in the Journal of Analytic Theology and the St. Anselm Journal. He is also a fellow with the Hispanic Theological Initiative. His work, he hopes, can be characterized by the Augustinian apothegm: 'fides quaerens intellectum.'