Department of Psychology

Lorelei Simpson Rowe


Lorelei Simpson Rowe

Associate Professor

Expressway Tower 1300




My research interests focus on understanding and treating couples facing behavioral or psychological difficulties. My research program includes evaluation of relationship and individual functioning among couples in which one partner has a severe mental illness and examination of couple therapy outcomes when such issues are present. In particular, I am interested in how aspects of relationship functioning may exacerbate or mitigate individual symptoms and, conversely, how the presence of psychopathology affects the course of intimate relationships. My research also focuses on couples experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV), including the dyadic factors likely to set the stage for IPV and the degree to which couple-based therapies may be of use to couples with a history of violence. Other related research include mechanisms of change in couple therapy more broadly and the prevention of sexual violence in dating relationships through assertiveness training.


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