Department of Psychology


Priscilla Lui

Assistant Professor

Expressway Tower 1300


Acculturation, Diversity, and Psychopathology Team Website 

NOTE: I will be reviewing graduate student applications during the 2018-2019 cycle, to start in Fall 2019.

EDUCATION: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Purdue University


Culture not only shapes individuals’ experiences in terms of affect, behavioral practices, and beliefs, but also influences the norms in interpersonal relationships. My research interests surround ethnocultural diversity issues in the understanding and assessment of psychopathology. Using a social ecological framework, I study intercultural contact (e.g., acculturation, discrimination), close social relationships (e.g., romantic relationship, intergenerational conflict), and intrapersonal characteristics (e.g., personality, cultural orientations) as determinants of psychopathology, primarily alcohol (mis)use. Through this program of research, I seek to inform and influence clinical interventions that are most effective in alleviating distress and improving psychological functioning across diverse ethnocultural groups.

*equal contribution

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