SMU Department of Political Science

Minor in Political Science

The Political Science Department offers four minor concentrations.  One is general in nature, and three are specifically focused.  The basic requirement is 18 semester hours of Political Sciences distributed among introductory courses and upper-level subfield courses as follows:

General Minor in Political Science

Offers general coverage in the discipline; also appropriate for those seeking a secondary teaching field.

Six (6) semester hours chosen from PLSC1320 (American Government and Politics) and one other introductory course, and twelve (12) semester hours of advanced courses in Political Science, including at least three (3) semester hours in each of two of the subfields. Note: 18 advanced hours required for teacher candidates

Minor in Political Thought

Recommended for students interested in Philosophy and Intellectual History.

PLSC1360 (Introduction to Political Theory) and fifteen (150 semester hours in Political Theory (excluding PLSC 3376).

Minor in Comparative and International Politics

Recommended for students interested in the Foreign Service, the military, international business and commerce, journalism, or area studies.

PLSC1340 (Introduction to Comparative Politics) and PLSC1380 (Introduction to International Relations) and six (6) semester hours  each in Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Minor in American Politics

Recommended for students interested in pre-law, journalism, American history or business administration.

PLSC1320 (American Government and Politics), and fifteen (15) semester hours of advanced courses in American Politics.