Special Offerings

Special Offerings

Opportunities for independent study and research are available to majors in Political Science with prior departmental approval.  Such courses may not be counted toward departmental distribution requirements and no more than two such courses may be counted toward overall major or minor requirements

PLSC 4102, 4202, 4302 Directed Readings

PLSC 4301, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404 Washington Term.

Intensive study of national political institutions.  Includes a four-hour research project (4401), a four-hour internship (4402), and an eight-hour seminar (4403 & 4404).  Prerequisites: Two courses in political science, at least one at the upper level, that are relevant to the selected program. 

PLSC 4304 Departmental Seminar: Scope and Methods of Political Science 

PLSC 4306 Internship in Political Science

PLSC 4307 Departmental Distinction Thesis