Political Theory

PLSC 1360 Introduction to Political Theory

Introduces political theory through an examination of classical and modern approaches to the study of politics. Addresses how to become knowledgeable about politics and what to do with that knowledge.

PLSC 3360 Foundations of Political Thought

Main currents of political thought in their historical settings from Plato to the 17th century, with a critical evaluation of those elements of continuing worth.

PLSC 3361 Modern Political Thought

Main currents of political thought in their historical setting from the 17th century to the present.

PLSC 3362 Twentieth-Century Political Thought

Analysis of the political implications of selected responses to the problems of modern mass society.

PLSC 3363 American Political Thought

A historical and analytical survey of the thinkers, actors, and main currents of American political thought from the founding of the first European colonies to the present day.

PLSC 3365 Communism and Post-Communism 

Theoretical foundations of communism and its variant forms in practice, explanations for the collapse of Eastern European communist systems, and possible futures of communism.

PLSC 3370 Women and Politics 

An analysis and critique of women’s role in politics; theories on women’s status and power; and the political activities, ideologies, and programs of feminists, past and present.

PLSC 4360 Special Studies in Political Theory

Special studies course in Political Theory, topics vary.

PLSC 4363 Religion and Politics in the Western Tradition  

Analysis of the relationship between religious faith and civil government in the Western tradition, with a focus on thinkers and controversies from the late Roman Empire to the contemporary United States.

PLSC 4368 Seminar: Political Theory and Philosophy 

An overview of the central questions in the study of political theory and philosophy.

PLSC 4369 Republicanism and the Good Society

Examines the intellectual history of republicanism, its uneasy alliance with liberalism, and its various contemporary manifestations, particularly in the U.S. and Canada.

PLSC 4371 Ethics and the Law 

An introduction to alternative ways of viewing the sources, functions, and uses of law. Attention is given to various understandings of concepts of justice and rights.

PLSC 4375 The Ethics and Revolution and Civil Disobedience

A survey of the ethical and philosophical issues surrounding resistance to state power and disobedience of civil law. Examines ancient, medieval, and modern perspectives on when such defiance is justifiable.