Sally Parker-Ryan


Adjunct Lecturer


Office: Hyer Hall 210E

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Sydney


curriculum vitae


I work mainly in the metaphilosophical area of methodology. I have focused on defending Ordinary Language philosophy in the past, as an overlooked and underestimated approach to understanding what we are doing, when we do philosophy. I am interested in the Wittgensteinian idea of language as primarily a social practice, rather than a kind of computation. But I’m still trying to understand linguistic meaning, as well as the overall analytic tradition in philosophy.

Publications (Selected)

Introduction to section on ‘Ordinary Language Philosophy’, (Ed.) Joachim Horvath, Methods in Analytic Philosophy: A Contemporary Reader, Bloomsbury Publishing: London (forthcoming).


‘Ordinary Language Philosophy’, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2012)


‘Reconsidering Ordinary Language Philosophy: Malcolm’s (Moore’s) Ordinary Language Argument’, Essays in Philosophy (2010) Vol. 11: Iss. 2.

‘The Ordinary Language Argument & Norms of Meaning’ in Aurora: the Journal of the City University of New York Graduate Center, Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Graduate Student Philosophy Conference (2006), CUNY, New York, USA.

Courses Taught

PHIL 1305: Introduction to Philosophy

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