Ken Daley

Senior Lecturer


Office: Hyer Hall 211E
Phone: 214-768-2160

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder


curriculum vitae

I am currently working on topics in the ethics of technology (AI, privacy and human enhancement in particular). I am also interested in how issues surrounding AI and privacy affect the ethics of marketing and business ethics more generally.


"Artificial You: AI And the Future of Your Mind" Book Review. The Philosophers' Magazine. Issue 89, 2nd Quarter 2020.

"The Structure of Lexical Concepts," Philosophical Studies 150 (2010): 349-72.

"Draining the Will to Make the Sale: The Impermissibility of Marketing by Ego-Depletion" (with Robert J. Howell), Neuroethics, 11 (1): 1-10. 2018.

"Robot Ethics 3.0" Book Review (with Robert J. Howell). The Philosophers' Magazine. Issue 82, 3rd Quarter 2018.

Under Review

"Impartial Artificial Intelligence"

"A Conditional Defense for the Use of Algorithms in Criminal Sentencing"

"Vaccines and the Case for the Enhancement of Human Judgment"

Courses Taught

PHIL 1319: Technology, Society, and Value
PHIL 1318: Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 1317: Business Ethics
PHIL 1316: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 1305: Introduction to Philosophy