Our speaker series regularly brings prominent philosophers from the US and abroad to campus. In addition, we regularly host multi-speaker workshops and conferences on particular topics. All these events are open to the public.

For more information, contact Prof. Philippe Chuard at Click here for Visitor and Parking Information.


Fall Term 2016

September 21 (Wednesday)

Why Philosophy is a Great Pre-Law Major

September 28 (Wednesday)

Mingle with the Philosophy Professors

Spring Term 2016

February 12 (Friday)

Janice Dowell (Syracuse University)

February 19 (Friday)

Daniel Giberman (UT Arlington)

March 11 (Friday)

Daniel Star (Boston University)

March 25 (Friday)

Jennifer Matey (SMU)

April 15 (Friday)

Adam Pautz (Brown University)

Fall Term 2015

October 30 (Friday)

Eli Chudnoff (University of Miami)
"Epistemic Elitism & Other Minds"

November 6 (Friday)

A Workshop on Free Will & Moral Responsibility

Charles Hermes (UTA Arlington)
"Truthmakers & Free Will"

Eric Barnes (SMU)
"Character Control & Moral Responsibility"

Kelly McCormick (TCU)
"A Dilemma for Morally Responsible Time Travellers"

November 13 (Friday)

Karen Bennett (Cornell University)
"In Defense of the Nonfundamental"

December 4 (Friday)

Kirsten Egerstrom (SMU)
"Meaning without Fulfillment"


Schedule 2014-2015

Spring Term 2015

January 30 (Friday)

Lorraine Besser-Jones (Middlebury College)
"Virtue Ethics as Social Science: How Naturalistic Can You Get?"

March 20 (Friday)

Doug Husak (Rutgers University)
"Culpable Ignorance and a Duty to Inquire"

April 9 (Thursday)

Sarah Stroud (McGill University)
"What is Wrong with Lying?"
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

April 10 (Friday)

Lying, Coercion, and Deception: A Workshop in Ethical Theory
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

Sarah Stroud (McGill University)
"Lying as Breaking Faith"

Kate Manne (Cornell University)
"Deception, Thy Name is Woman"

Stephen White (Northwestern University)
"On the Moral Objection to Coercion"

April 24 (Friday)

Alyssa Ney (University of Rochester)
"Background Independence as a Constraint on Fundamental Theories"

Fall Term 2014

September 11 (Thursday)

Dan Haybron (Saint Louis University)
"The Happiness that Matters"
*Sponsored by the The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute

September 19 (Friday)

Kit Wellman (Washington University in St. Louis)
"Procedural Rights"

September 26 (Friday)

Mark Bernstein (Purdue University)
"Your Life Isn't as Valuable as You Think"

October 24 (Friday)

Galen Strawson (UT Austin)
"The Unstoried Life"
*Sponsored by the The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute

Michelle Montague (UT Austin)
"Cognitive Phenomenology & Conscious Thought"

November 13 (Thursday)

Nicholas Southwood (Australian National University)
"Norms & Feasibility"


Schedule 2013–2014

Spring Term 2014

April 14 (Friday)

Jennifer Matey (Florida International University)
"Can Blue Mean Four?"

April 25–26 (Friday–Saturday)

The Epistemology of Perception: A Workshop

Matthew Lockard (SMU)
"On The Norms That Determine How You Know What You See"

Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers University)
"Phenomenal Evidence and Factive Evidence"

Jack Lyons (University of Arkansas)
"Experiential Evidence?"

Alexander Jackson (Boise State University)
"How You Know You Are Not A Brain In A Vat"

Fall Term 2013

September 23 (Monday)

Lauren Ashwell (Bates College)
"Introspecting Desire Strength: the relationship between strength and value"

September 27 (Friday)

Jennifer Nado (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
"Philosophical Expertise and Scientific Expertise"

November 22 (Friday)

Sara Bernstein (Duke University)
"Mental Causation: Overdetermination Undeterred"


Schedule 2012–2013

Spring Term 2013

February 8–9 (Friday–Saturday)

A Workshop on Free Will
*Co-sponsored with the Scott Hawkins Foundation

Carolina Sartorio (University of Arizona)
"Causation & Free Will"

Eric Barnes (SMU)
"Drunk Drivers, Evil Characters & Moral Responsibility"

Neil Levy (The Florey Institute, Melbourne & The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics)
"Consciousness & Moral Responsibility"

Kristin Demetriou (University of Minnesotta-Morris)
"Mastering the Manipulation Argument"

Randolf Clarke (Florida State University)
"Free Will & Agential Powers"

February 20 (Wednesday)

Alan Hazlett (University of Edinburgh)
"Intellectual Autonomy"

March 1 (Friday)

Shelly Kagan (Yale University)
"Why is Death Bad for You?"
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

March 2 (Saturday)

The Philosophy of Well-being: A Workshop in Ethical Theory
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

Shelly Kagan (Yale University)

Jennifer Hawkins (Duke University)
"A New Theory of Well-Being (Built on a Theory of Ill-Being)"

Steve Campbell (Coe College)
"The Goods and Evils of Death"

April 12 (Friday)

John Deigh (UT Austin)
"What Is a Moral Judgement?"

April 25 (Thursday)

Joëlle Proust (Institut Nicod, Ecole Normal Supérieure, Paris)
"On the Epistemic and Strategic Components of Acceptance"


Schedule 2011–2012

Spring Term 2012

February 10 (Friday)

Gwen Bradford (Rice University)
"Evil Achievements and the Principle of Recursion"

March 22 (Thursday)

Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto)
"The Good Things in Life"
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

March 23 (Friday)

Values, Obligations, and their Conflicts: A Workshop in Ethical Theory
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto)
"Permissions to Do Less than the Best: A Moving Band"

Dale Dorsey (University of Kansas)
"Against the Supremacy of Morality"

Luke Robinson (SMU)
"Conflicts of Obligation"

April 13 (Friday)

Kevan Edwards (Syracuse University)
"Frege's Problem Psychologized"

April 18 (Wednesday)

Clayton Littlejohn (King's College London)
"The Unity of Reason"

April 20–21 (Friday–Saturday)

Consciousness & The Self: A Workshop in Philosophy of Mind
*Co-sponsored with the UT Arlington Philosophy Department

Brie Gertler (University of Virginia)
"The Narrow Self"

Ken Williford (UT Arlington)
"Introspection, Invariance and Ignorance"

Philip Robbins (University of Missouri-Columbia)
"The Social Foundations of Selfhood"

Robert Howell & Brad Thompson (SMU)
"Phenomenal ME-ness?"

Charles Siewert (Rice University)
"Phenomenality & Self-Consciousness"

May 11 (Wednesday)

Nancy Cartwright, SMU Honorary Degree Recipient (London School of Economics & UC San Diego)
"Predicting If This Policy Will Work for You"

Fall Term 2011

November 11 (Thursday)

Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore)
"Ethical Reductionism"


Schedule 2010–2011

Spring Term 2011

February 10 (Thursday)

Brain, Mind & Science: The Future of Neuroethics
*Sponsored by the Maguire Center for Ethics and the North Texas Neurophilosophy Network

Paul Churchland (UC San Diego)
"What Can Theoretical and Experimental Neuroscience Tell Us About Morality?"

Thomas Metzinger (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
"Cognitive Enhancement"

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke University)
"Brain Scans at the End of Life"

Hank Greely (Stanford Law School)
"Neuroscience and Law—The view from 400,000 Feet"

James Giordano (Georgetown University Medical Center)
"Neuroethics: A Natural Meta-Ethics?"

February 11 (Friday)

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke University)
"Downward Mental Causation: A Contrastivist Account"

May 2 (Monday)

Jack Lyons (University of Arkansas)
"Circularity, Reliability, and the Cognitive Penetration of Perception"

Fall Term 2010

September 10 (Friday)

Kathrin Koslicki (University of Colorado)
"Essence, Necessity, and Explanation"

October 29 (Friday)

David Braddon-Mitchell (University of Sydney)
"Is that all there is?"

November 12 (Friday)

John Martin Fischer (UC Riverside)
"Frankfurt-type Examples & Semi-compatibilism"


Schedule 2009–2010

Spring Term 2010

January 20 (Wednesday)

Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto)
"Non-reductive Physicalism and Degrees of Freedom"
*Co-sponsored with Dedman College

February 3 (Wednesday)

Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame)
"Religion & Science: Where the Conflict Really Lies"

March 15 (Monday)

David Sobel (University of Nebraska)
"Parfit's Case Against Subjectivism"

March 29 (Monday)

Justine Kingsbury (University of Waikato, NZ)
"The Limits of Evolutionary Aesthetics"
*Co-sponsored with the Maguire Center for Ethics

April 30 (Friday)

Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA)
"Reasons for Action"

Fall Term 2009

December 4 (Friday)

Casey O'Callaghan (Rice University)
"Experiencing Speech"

November 13 (Friday)

Michael Weisberg (University of Pennsylvania)
"Three-Sex Mating (and other biological models without targets)" *Co-sponsored with the Darwin Year Committee