Course Descriptions

Dallas Hall






English Second Language (ESL)

ESL Written English sequence focuses on the special needs of non-native speakers of English, offering additional practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammatical accuracy, and conversational and compositional “fluency.” The ultimate goal of these sections is to provide ESL students with the tools they need to produce written and spoken work that conforms to the standards applied to their native English-speaking peers. As in regular sections of English 1301 and 1302, a final grade of C- or above is required for successful completion of the ESL sections.

Hilltop Scholars (HSP)

The Hilltop Scholars Program  (“HSP”) is a residential community for approximately 175 SMU first-year students.  We invite students to join the program based on the strength of their academic credentials and their demonstrated leadership experience in high school. Hilltop Scholars live in Perkins Hall and Smith Hall and take 3 of their classes during their first year with other Hilltop Scholars.  Living and learning with other dynamic first-year students makes the Hilltop Scholars community an engaging and exciting place to start your SMU career.