Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions

DISC 1311 (Foundations for College Writing) 

DISC 1311 gives students practice in the reading, writing, and analytical skills necessary for the successful completion of DISC 1312 and 1313.  Students will approach writing as a process of drafting, revising, and editing; and they will work on sentence-level and paragraph-level writing skills as they build toward essay-length writing projects.  Students must earn a C- or better to proceed in the sequence of DISC courses.
This course cannot be dropped.

DISC 1312 (Introduction to College Writing) 

DISC 1312 introduces students to a variety of discipline-based modes of inquiry and expression.  The texts students read and create will employ and exemplify the principles of academic discernment and discourse.  Students must earn C- or better to proceed in the sequence of DISC courses.
This course cannot be dropped.

Prerequisite: DISC 1311 or 550 on the SAT Critical Reasoning or 24 on the ACT English section.

DISC 1313 (Inquiry Seminar)

DISC 1313 is a topic-based seminar through which students continue to develop their critical reading and writing skills, employing analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and/or integration, while learning to employ research protocols for the discipline or various disciplines represented in the course.  Students must earn a C- or better to complete their DISC requirement.
This course cannot be dropped.

Prerequisite: DISC 1312

ESL Discernment and Discourse Writing Sequence (DISC 1311, 1312, 1313)

ESL courses 1311, 1312, 1313 focuses on the special needs of non-native speakers of English, offering additional practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammatical accuracy, and conversational and compositional "fluency."  The ultimate goal of these sections is to provide ESL students with the tools they need to produce written and spoken work that conforms to the standards applied to their native English-speaking peers.  As in regular sections of DISC 1312 and 1313, a final grade of C- or better is required for successful completion of the ESL sections.
These courses cannot be dropped.

Restricted to students in English as a Second Language Program.

DISC 2305  (Honors Humanities Seminar I)

Insights from literature, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and science that became major modes of interpreting the world in the 20th Century and that define what constitutes knowledge in the 21st Century. 

Restricted to students in the University Honors Program.

DISC 2306 (Honors Humanities Seminar II)

A study of ethical questions derived from history, literature, psychology, and philosophy that focuses on what constitutes a meaningful life.  The course also explores historical challenges to the bases of ethics.  

Restricted to students in the University Honors Program.
DISC 2305