Degree Requirements

English Major Requirements

The major requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of English courses, including no more than 12 hours at the 2000-level and below (with no more than 3 of these hours at the 1000- level) and at least 12 hours of 4000-level literature courses. Specific requirements are listed below. You may not repeat a course that is the equivalent in content of one you have already taken even if the numbers differ.

1. Fundamentals (6 hours total):

  • ENGL 2311 or 2314H: Poetry or Doing Things with Poems, and
  • ENGL 2315: Introduction to Literary Study

2. Reading Historically (12 hours total, consisting of one 3000-level or 4000-level course from each of the following groups):

  • Medieval Literature (3 hours): courses numbered 3320-3329 and 4320-4329
  • Early Modern Literature (3 hours): courses numbered 3330-3339 and 4330-4339
  • Literature in the Age of Revolutions (3 hours): courses numbered 3340-3349 and 4340-4349
  • Modern to Contemporary Literature (3 hours): courses numbered 3350-69 and 4350-69

In addition, students may petition to have other historically-focused advanced courses assigned to a historical group when appropriate, and at the department’s discretion.

3. Criticism and Theory (3 hours total from the following):

  • ENGL 3310: Contemporary Approaches to Literature, Language, and Culture
  • ENGL 4310: Studies in Literary Theory and Criticism

4. Major Electives (12 hours):

  • Courses to be selected from any departmental offerings, with these limitations: no more than 6 additional hours below 3000-level may be counted toward the major, including no more than 3 hours at 1000-level.
  • CLAS 3312, Classical Rhetoric, counts as an English Elective.
  • The following courses are not acceptable as major electives: ENGL 1300, 1301, 1302, 1305, 2302, 2305.

Co-requirement: 12 hours of 4000-level literature courses

  • English 2311 and 2315 are prerequisite for all 4000-level literature courses; 3310 is also recommended.
  • Courses in Creative Writing (4391 through 4398) do not fulfill this requirement.

A grade of C- or better must be earned in all courses fulfilling major requirements, and English majors must attain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 among all courses attempted for the major.

Creative Writing Specialization Within the English Major

Students pursuing a Creative Writing Specialization within the English Department must fulfill all departmental requirements for the regular English major.

Students specializing in Creative Writing must take at least 12 hours in Creative Writing courses, which will take the place of all the elective hours in a 33-hour major. Those wishing to complete the major in 33 hours will need to fulfill all four historical requirements with 4000-level literature courses.  However, students are encouraged to take additional elective hours in writing courses as well as in other courses.

Creative Writing Specialists are required to complete the following coursework:

2390: Introduction To Creative Writing - prerequisite for all additional courses

A minimum of two creative writing courses at the 3390-level, and from at least two of the following categories:

3390: Studies: Creative Writing Workshop

  • Studies: Thematic
  • Studies: Experiential
  • Studies: Craft

And all creative writing specialists must complete: 4390 - Culminating Project in Creative Writing

Students requiring additional semesters to complete culminating projects may register for English 4394, Independent Studies in Creative Writing.  (Instructor permission required.)

Distinction Students: with instructor permission, may do a semester of 4394 or may submit their culminating project for distinction credit.

The Minor in English

The English minor requires a minimum of 15 semester hours as follows, including no more than 6 hours below the 3000-level.

1.   One of the following:

  • ENGL 2311: Poetry
  • ENGL 2314H: Doing Things with Poems
  • ENGL 2315: Introduction to Literary Study

2.   12 additional hours of elective courses in Engl ish, with no more than 3 of these hours below the 3000-level. The following courses are not acceptable as minor electives: ENGL 1300, 1301, 1302, 1305, 2302, 2305

CLAS 3312, Classical Rhetoric, counts as an English Elective.

A grade of C- or better must be earned in all courses taken for the minor; they may not be taken Pass/Fail. Up to six hours of approved transfer courses may count toward the minor. To register as a minor, fill in a Minor Declaration Form and submit it to the English Department Office for verification; plan to pick it up a few days later for filing with your school of record.

The departmental minor adviser is Professor Dan Moss (214-768-2297; Consult him for further information or advice.