English Courses

Descriptions and Schedule, Summer 2016

Summer I

ENGL 3367-001C (CF3364): Ethical Implications of Children's Literature

12 PM M–F, 105 DH, Satz [CA2, HD, OC, W]

An opportunity to revisit childhood favorites and to make new acquaintances, armed with the techniques of cultural and literary criticism. Examination of children's literature from an ethical perspective, particularly notions of morality and evil, with emphasis upon issues of colonialism, race, ethnicity, gender, and class. Writing assignments: four essays, final examination. Texts: “Snow White,” accompanied by critical essays; picture books such as Where the Wild Things Are, The Giving Tree, Amazing Grace, Curious George, Babar; chapter books for young children such as Wilder, Little House on the Prairie; White, Charlotte’s Web; Erdrich, Game of Silence; books for young adults such as L’Engle, Wrinkle in Time; Alexie, The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian; Yang, American Born Chinese; and one adult book, Morrison, The Bluest Eye.


ENGL 3379-001C (CF3379): Contexts of Disabilities: Gender, Care, and Justice

11 AM M–F, 105 DH, Satz [CA2, HD, OC, W]

This course deals with the literary and cultural portrayals of those with disability and the knotty philosophical and ethical issues that permeate current debates in the disability rights movement. The course also considers the ways issues of disability intersect with issues of gender, race, class, and culture. A wide variety of issues, ranging from prenatal testing and gene therapy through legal equity for the disabled in society, will be approached through a variety of readings, both literary and non-literary, by those with disabilities and those currently without them. Writing assignments: three short essays, one longer essay; mid-term, final examination.

Summer I

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Contexts of Disability-CFA

Satz, Martha


10:00 AM

11:50 AM

DH 105




Ethical Implications of Children’s Literature

Satz, Martha


12:00 PM

1:50 PM

DH 105