Steph Buongiorno

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Entry Year: 2017


Email: sbuongiorno[@]

Educational Background

M.A., West Virginia University with a teaching assistantship; B.A., The University of Texas at Arlington, graduated Summa Cum Laude (minor: Linguistics)


Steph Buongiorno is a Ph.D. student at Southern Methodist University, where she focuses on 19th-century Britain to explore some of the many networks that inform the dissemination of ideas about the creation of self and the nation; she is curious about how literature engages with this dissemination. She uses R to perform distant readings of texts to explore how ideas circulate and shift throughout material culture. She is putting together a network that traces these shifts in language and ideas and that also situates Britain in a reflexive engagement with non-European ideologies. She uses this network to zoom-in and closely read 19th-century texts as nodes where political, social, and cultural ideal percolate.

During her downtime, Steph likes to sit down with LGBTQ+ literature.