Internships and Jobs


Internships are not required for completion of degree requirements but are HIGHLY recommended. Our students regularly complete internships with outstanding employers while pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Completing one or more internships will help you gain valuable skills and hands-on experience, network with professionals in the field, get an inside scoop on the industry, boost up your resume, gain confidence, and more.



Economics majors are highly sought after for their analytical and critical-thinking skills. In fact, Economics majors consistently earn higher wages than Finance majors. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, US Census Bureau data from 2016-17 show that

  • Early career median wages: $55,000 for Economics majors versus $52,000 for Finance majors
  • Mid-career median wages: $90,000 for Economics majors versus $85,000 for Finance majors

And, data collected by the SMU Department of Economics shows our Economics graduates have higher early career median wages than described above!

There are many career paths for SMU students with a degree in Economics. We are constantly impressed by the success our students experience after graduation. See the job titles of our May 2019 graduates!  




And, see where our May 2019 graduates are working now!