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Professor James Lake Receives Mangum Award

Distinguished alum and private investor Charles Mangum gave a million dollar gift to SMU for two teaching awards -  one in Economics and the other in Accounting, the two disciplines that (according to him) offered the most challenging courses in his undergraduate curriculum at SMU. The award is intended to “promote and reward the art of teaching”. The criteria for the award is that the recipient be non-tenured and extraordinary at student involvement. The award itself is named after his parents Barbara and James Magnum who live in New Orleans.
Charles Mangum graduated from SMU 1986 with a BA in Economics and a BBA in Finance. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1990 and a highly successful career in investment and portfolio management. Currently, he is a private investor and Chief Investment Officer for Baylon Capital Management (a private investment partnership based in Boston).  He serves on the executive board of the Cox School of Business at SMU.

The 2017 recipient of this fabulous teaching award in economics is Dr. James Lake. He was presented with this award during the department’s graduation ceremony in May 2017. RETURN TO HOME