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2018 Economic Theory Camp at SMU


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Recent Events

Midwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference, November 10 - 12, 2017

Texas Monetary Conference, April 29 - 30, 2017

Intent vs. Impact: Evaluating Individual- and Community-Based Programs

November 16-17, 2015

Co-sponsored with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, this conference brought researchers together to present and discuss papers on the evaluation of programs and policies that impact the financial well-being of individuals and communities. 

Amartya Sen: Global Genercide and Women's Empowerment

Friday, April 24, 2015

The SMU Economics Department is partnering in conjunction with the Gendercide Awareness Project, the UT Dallas Asia Center and School of Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences, and South Asia Democracy Watch, to present a lecture by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen entitled "Global Gendercide and Women's Empowerment for Sustainable Growth." (learn more)

Stata Texas Empirical Microeconomics Conference IV

November 7-8, 2014

The Stata Texas Empirical Microeconomics Conference is an annual gathering of empirical microeconomists from the state of Texas. The primary goal of the camp is to bring together empirical economists of the host institutions and their guests to discuss current research in all areas of empirical microeconomics and to present papers for comments by participants. The secondary goal of the conference is to provide a venue for graduate students receive feedback on current research and develop their technical presentation skills through participation in a poster session. The conference began in 2011 through the generous support of StataCorp. 

12th Advances in Econometrics Conference at SMU

November 2-4, 2012

The Richard B. Johnson Center for Economic Studies in the Department of Economics and the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas co-sponsored the 12th Advances in Econometrics conference at SMU, November 2-4, 2012.  The topic of the conference was Vector Autoregressive Modelling.  The conference's honored guest was Professor Christopher Sims of Princeton University and co-winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics. (read more)

2012 Texas Economic Theory Camp

October 6-7, 2012

The first Texas Economic Theory Camp was held at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, on October 6 and 7, 2012. The event was co-sponsored by Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M University, Rice University, The University of Houston, and The University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of the camp was to foster greater interaction among researchers working in pure and applied economic theory in Texas, and to provide a forum for scholars to present their current research. As expected, a large fraction of presenters were junior faculty and PhD students. (read more)

10th Advances in Econometrics Conference at SMU

November 4-6, 2011

The Department of Economics, SMU and the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas co-sponsored the 10th Advances in Econometrics conference at SMU, November 4 – 6, 2011. The topics of the conference were on the modeling of macroeconomic activity by means of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. (Read more...)

The Texas Camp Econometrics

The Texas Camp Econometrics (TCE) is an annual gathering of econometricians and empirical economists from SMU, Rice, University of Houston, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas. TCE is sponsored by the Economics Departments at each of the schools and by StataCorp. (Read more…)