Department of Economics


Economic Theory

ECO 6371  Introduction to Quantitative Economics

ECO 6384  Microeconomic Theory I  

ECO 6385  Microeconomic Theory II  

ECO 6386  Microeconomic Theory III  

ECO 6394  Macroeconomic Theory I  

ECO 6395  Macroeconomic Theory II

ECO 6396  Macroeconomic Theory III

ECO 7302  Topics in Economic Theory

Advanced Theory

ECO 7305  Mathematical Economics

ECO 7306  Advanced Economic Theory

International Economics

ECO 7332  International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

ECO 7333  Theory of International Trade and Factor Movements

Development Economics

ECO 7334  Development Economics   

Human Resources

ECO 7321  Theory of Labor Economics 

ECO 7322  The Development of Human Capital  


ECO 6372  Econometrics I 

ECO 6374  Econometrics II  

ECO 6375  Econometrics III  

ECO 7075, ECO 7275  Econometrics Workshop  

ECO 7376  Macroeconometrics 

ECO 7377  Microeconometrics  

ECO 7378  Topics in Econometrics

Monetary Economics

ECO 7361  Monetary Economics  

ECO 7362  Monetary Theory and Policy  

Industrial Organization

ECO 7341  Market Structure, Conduct, and Performance 

ECO 7342  Imperfect Markets: Theory and Policy  

Public Finance

ECO 7351  Public Finance Theory and Policy 

ECO 7352  Public Finance at Local Levels

Experimental Economics

ECO 7381  Methods of Experimental Economics

Independent Studies and Workshops

ECO 7101, ECO 7201, ECO 7301  

ECO 7004, ECO 7304  Pre-prospectus Workshop

ECO 8000, ECO 8100, ECO 8398, ECO 8698, ECO 8998 

ECO 8399, ECO 8699, ECO 8999 Dissertation Research

ECO 6049  Graduate Student Full Time Status Full time status for M.A. students

ECO 8049  Graduate Student Full Time Status Full time status for Ph.D. students