Tahmeed Hossain

Tahmeed was born in Bangladesh and grew up in Khulna which is the third largest city in Bangladesh. It’s in south-west Bangladesh and is about the same distance from the capital Dhaka as the large Indian city of Kolkata.

Tahmeed attended the University of Dhaka where he majored in economics for his undergraduate degree. He then moved to the US and earned his Masters in Applied Economics from Montana State University.

Tahmeed loves playing soccer and is an avid fan of Football Club Barcelona!



“Apart from the summer heat, I really love everything else about Dallas! It’s big, diverse, and the food is great. I am nervous and excited simultaneously about the economics PhD program. Nervous because I know it is very challenging, especially during the first year. At the same time, I am excited because I will learn to do research in economics, something I am passionate about!”