Brandy Herrera

Brandy is a first-generation Mexican American and a first-generation college student. She mostly grew up in Chicago but she moved to Northwest Arkansas during high school and majored in Economics at the University of Arkansas.


Brandy is a Mustang Fellow here at SMU. The Mustang Fellowship program aims to bring both academic excellence and increased diversity to the SMU graduate student body.


Brandy’s academic potential has already been recognized nationally and within economics. She was selected for the highly competitive Summer Research - Early Identification Program run by The Leadership Alliance, she is a McNair Scholar, and she was chosen to participate in the prestigious AEA Summer Program. All of these programs mentor and help prepare academically talented undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds for graduate degrees.


An interesting thing about Brandy is that she studied abroad in London for a year and she never ate fish and chips!


“I am excited to be in Dallas, I’m a big basketball fan and hope to catch a Mavericks game live. I’m looking forward to starting my econ PhD at SMU. I have felt incredibly supported by the department thus far, and look forward to seeing what I can achieve here."