Ding Liu



  Curriculum Vitae


Dissertation Title: Essays in Labor Economics
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Main Advisor: Daniel Millimet

Committee Members: James Lake, Tom Fomby

Fields: Labor Economics, International Trade, Applied Microeconomics

  Impact of Robots in Monopsonistic Labor Markets (job market paper)
  Bounding the Joint Distribution of Disability and Employment with Misclassification (with Daniel Millimet), Health Economics, 2021, 30(7), 1628-1647
  Local Labor Market Impacts of the 2002 Bush Steel Tariffs (with James Lake)

Academic Experience

Teaching Assistant
  Principles of Microeconomics
  Intermediate Macroeconomics
  International Trade
  Special Topics in Economic History and Development
  Microeconomic Theory (PhD)
  Quantitative Economics (PhD)
  Strategic Management (MBA)

Research Assistant
  James Lake, Southern Methodist University (Sept-Nov 2020, May-Dec 2021)
  Yunok Cho, Southern Methodist University (May-Aug 2019, Sept-Nov 2020)

Fellowships and Awards
  Dean's Dissertation Fellowship, Southern Methodist University (2020/2021)
  Moody Travel Grant for SEA 91th Conference, Southern Methodist University (2021)
  Cobb Fellowship, Southern Methodist University (2018/2019)

  Professor Daniel Millimet
  Associate Professor James Lake
  Professor Tom Fomby