Department of Economics

Elira Kuka Joins the Economics Department

Elira Kuka is a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of California, Davis. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Public Finance, Labor Economics, Health, and Economics of Education. More specifically, her research agenda focuses on understanding how government policy affects individual behavior and wellbeing, to what extent it provides social insurance during times of need, and how effectively it alleviates poverty and inequality. Given her research interests, her current and medium-term research agenda focuses on three main topics: the potential benefits of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program, the protective power of the U.S. safety net during recessions, as well as various topics on academic achievement. 

Elira was born in Albania, but grew up in Italy. She came to the United States to obtain a BA degree in Economics from Wellesley College, MA, and immediately after she enrolled in the Economics Ph.D. program at UC Davis.