Department of Economics

2010 AIE Conference


On October 22–24, 2010 the Department of Economics in conjunction with Emerald Publishing, Inc. sponsored the 9th annual Advances in Econometrics Conference on the topic of Missing Data Methods. The proceedings of the conference are to be published in 2011 as Volume 27, Advances in Econometrics: Missing Data Methods by Emerald Publishing.  The Senior Co-editors of the Advances in Econometrics Research Annual are Professor Thomas B. Fomby (SMU), Professor R. Carter Hill (LSU), and Professor Ivan Jeliaskov (University of California – Irvine).

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Here is a picture of Dr. David Drukker, Head of Econometrics Software Development of STATA Corporation, giving a workshop on “Programming in STATA” on Friday afternoon before the conference began the following day.  Many students and faculty attended. 


Here is a picture of the some of the STATA workshop attendees on Friday night at the Blue Mesa Restaurant in Dallas after enjoying a Tex-Mex meal together sponsored by the conference. 

Here is a picture of Professor Daniel Millimet of the SMU Economics Department presenting his paper “The Elephant in the Corner: A Cautionary Tale about Measurement Error in Treatment Effects Models” at the opening session of the conference.


Saturday night the conference attendees had a very enjoyable meal at Maggino’s Italian Restaurant in Dallas where they got to know each other better and exchange research ideas on econometrics, in general, and Missing Data Methods, in particular. 



Professor Myoung-Jae Lee of Korea University is presenting his paper "Likelihood-based estimators for endogenous or truncated sample in standard stratified sampling".

Professor Donal O'Neil of National University of Ireland-Maynooth is presenting his paper " Efficient probit estimation with partially missing covariates".

Professor David Jacho-Ch'avez of Indiana University is presenting his paper "Nonlinear difference-in-difference treatment effect estimation: A distributional analysis".

Professor Matias Cattaneo of University of Michigan is presenting (joint with Max Farrel) his paper "Efficient estimation of average treatment effects under ignorability using subclassification on covariates".

Max Farrel, Ph.D. student from University of Michigan, is presenting the second half of his joint paper with Professor Cattaneo pictured above.

Professor Diep Duong from University of Rutgers is presenting his paper "Jumps, large jumps, and volatility prediction in individual stocks".

Professor Ian M. McCarthy from FTI consulting and University of North Texas is presenting his paper "On the estimation of selection models when participation is endogenous and misreported".

Professor Pravin Trivedi from Indiana University is presenting his paper "Finite mixtures for panels with fixed effects".

Professor David T. Jacho-Chavez from Indiana University is presenting his paper "Average derivative estimation with missing responses".

Professor Phillip Li from University of California-Irvine is presenting his paper "Bayesian analysis of multivariate sample-selection models using Gaussian Copulas".