Earth Sciences


Geothermal Laboratory

The Geothermal Laboratory has equipment for the measurement of thermal conductivity and radioactive heat production. A mobile laboratory is available for well-logging focusing on high precision temperature logging of drill holes. The laboratory also conducts fission track studies.

Geothermal Laboratory Equipment List

Gravity Studies:
Gravimeter – Model G, LaCoste and Romberg Company

Thermal Conductivity Measurements, made on core or crushed samples:
Divided Bar
Shotherm QTM
Needle Probe

Equipment Measurements
Collar Locator
Gamma Ray
Spinner Flow Velocity
Fluid Pressure

Well Logging Tools

Tool Max. Temp. Max. Depth
One (1) Truck mounted electric line system 150°C 4 km
Two (2) Slick-line computer tools 400°C 8 km
Multiple portable temperature systems 200°C up to 1 km

Contact Us

Those interested in services provided by the Geothermal Laboratory should visit their website or contact:

Maria Richards