Faculty & Research

Bianca Batista

Biological Sciences

Bianca Batista, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice

Ph.D. University of Texas
DLSB 335

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Email: bbatista@smu.edu


Research Interests:

Both normal and tumor cells secrete tiny bits of membrane enclosed vesicles known as microvesicles or exosomes into the extracellular space. These microvesicles have the potential to transfer their molecular content to other cells and in this way they can act as intercellular messengers. My research interests focus on studying the mechanisms involved in the biogenesis of exosomes and other secreted microvesicles.



2004                         BS in Biology, Texas A&M University

2011                         PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Texas

2011-2012                Postdoctoral Research Fellow, New York University



Biol 3350: Cell Biology

Biol 3403: Microbiology


Peer-reviewed Publications:

Agrawala P, Kurcon T, Pilobellob KT, Rakus JF,  Koppolua S, Liua Z, Batista BS, Eng WS, Hsu K, Liang Y, and Mahal LK (2014) Mapping posttranscriptional regulation of the human glycome uncovers microRNA defining the glycocode. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA

Batista BS, Eng WS, Pilobello KT, Hendricks-Muñoz KD, Mahal LK (2011) Identification of a conserved glycan signature for microvesicles. J Proteome Res 10(10):4624–4633