Faculty & Research

John Ubelaker

Biological Sciences

John Ubelaker, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Colorado State University
DLSB 234

Lab: DLSB 220
Tel: 214-768-2764

Email: ubelaker@smu.edu

Research Interests

Systematic and Life History Studies of Helminthic Parasites

Dr. Ubelaker, former Chairman of the Biology Department and Academic Director SMU in Taos, earned his Ph.D. at Colorado State University in 1967. His research examines the ecological factors involved in host-parasite interactions. He is examining ecological factors involved in parasites and rodents and is producing a monograph on the parasites of rodents. He is also completing books on the ferns and buttercups of north central New Mexico. John will retire from the University 2015 and live in Taos, New Mexico.


Selected Publications

Stedman's ASP Parasite Names, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 1993, 144 pp.

"Susceptibility of corneas from various animal species to in vitro binding and invasion by Acanthamoeba castellanii," (with J. Y. Niederkorn, and J. P. McCulley), Invest. Ophthal. and Vis. Sci., 33, 1992, pp. 104-112.

"In vitro intercellular adherence of Acanthamoeba castellanii: A scanning and transmission electron microscopy study," (with M. B. Moore and J. H. Martin), Cornea, 1991 10:. 289-299.

"Metacestodes: Morphology and Development" Biology.  Of the Eucestoda Vol ' 1983 139-174.

Systematics of species referred to the genus Angiostrongylus. J. Parasit.  1986 72:237-244

Recent studies on the structure and function of Schistsome tegument. Sym. Exp. Parasit. Host parasite interfaces 1977 Texas J. Science 29-43.



  • BA, MA University of Kansas, Lawrence
  • Ph.D. 1967 Colorado State University