Asian Studies Program

Student Organizations

SMU is home to a large number of student groups devoted to a variety of issues, themes, and special interests. Below is a list compiled from Descriptions are taken from the corresponding websites.

Asian Studies is not directly affiliated with any student group, though we gladly advertise appropriate student activities to our larger constituency. If you are a member of an authorized SMU student group and you would like us to advertise an event on our webpage or you would like your group listed below, please contact the Director of Asian Studies, Professor Steven Lindquist:

Asian American Leadership Educational Conference

This annual conference offers a medley of speakers and workshops that address a comprehensive array of Asian-American topics from domestic cultural conflicts to leadership and career planning. The speakers and workshops will help provide students with knowledge and insight necessary to become successful in an increasingly competitive world. In addition, there are networking and scholarship opportunities.

Asian Council

AC is a chartered SMU organization and serves as the common ground for the interaction and integration of the Asian American student organizations on campus. AC serves to give voice to the Asian American community through the celebration of diversity.

Bhakti Yoga Club

"Our purpose is to encourage the student community to appreciate, understand and apply spiritual knowledge as given in the ancient scriptures such as Vedas and Bhagavad Gita with focus on loving devotional service to the Absolute Truth (Bhakti Yoga)."

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club promotes comradeship among all levels of those learning the Chinese language. Please contact one of the the Department of World Languages and Literatures Chinese professors for further information.

Chinese Student Union

The Chinese Student Union facilitates cultural exchange at SMU.

East Asian Student Association (EASA)

The East Asian Student Association (EASA) educates the SMU community about East Asian culture. EASA is a promotes and celebrates Asian cultures and leadership through student programming and activities.

Indian Student Association (ISA)

The Indian Student Association (ISA) welcomes anyone who is interested in the Indian culture.

Japan Club

The Japan Club facilitates cultural exchange at SMU with an emphasis on Japanese language, culture, and film. The Japan Club organizes several events throughout the year, especially an annual film festival.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

"Learn about the Vietnamese culture, partake in community service, and sample Vietnamese cuisine."